Duration : 8N/ 9D |  Date : 9 Sep, 2017 

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MTB Expedition - in Tusheti, Georgia

Culture, Wine, Food ...and Cycling!

Georgia - The Balcony of Europe

Riding through vineyards, past rolling grasslands; crossing ridged peaks down to the glacial lakes below them; cruising deep gorges chiseled by white water streams. Then catching breath in an idyllic European village in a land known to be the birthplace of wine, reveling in traditional hospitality soaking in rich culture and heritage.

This is the backdrop of our amazing Eight day ride deep into Tushetian heart of Georgia – the birthplace of wine. We will be experiencing Georgian village life in the ancient villages of Dartlo and Omalo with their traditional defense towers.

Experience unforgettable mountain descents, endless untouched bike trails and epic views of the Caucasus.


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Georgia is a magnificent country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. With its favorable geographic location Georgia has always been a connecting link between Europe and Asia, traversed by many routes including the famous Silk Road, linking China with the West.

Georgia, especially the part lying in Eastern Europe is known for its warm-hearted people, the stunning countryside, Tbilisi's nightlife and an ancient culture that still prevails this country - which is mostly formed by ethnic Georgians who keep tradition and culture alive.

We take you cycling in this gorgeous country to be familiar with a somehow forgotten yet timeless part of Europe. An indulgence in food, delicious wine and culture is a given amid the breathtaking landscape of the Caucasus mountains.

Date: 9 Sept 2017

Duration: 8N/9D

Max. altitude: 2,950 m

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trip Price:

Culture, Tradition and Art


Meet other interesting cyclists on this trip from all walks of life and from all over the world. Break bread together, converse over wine and explore hidden dilapidated villages of historical sights in Georgia - along with of course, riding! If you don't want to deal with the hassle of beinging your own bike, that's alright - we have one for you!

The eclectic city of Tbilisi promises to inspire. With influences from Persia and Russia, the intriguing villages host some of the most archaic historical structures to be seen. A truly unique capital city, where ethnic diversity and ancient architecture still flourishes. Art, religion, architecture and food come together in this . 

Duration : 8N/ 9D | Date : 9 Sep, 2017

Standing tall at 18, 510 feet - the Caucasus mountains are one of the main attractions of the Republic of Georgia. The Caucasus range is the highest mountain range in Europe - higher than the alps. Though they may look beautiful - they have dangerous hairpin bends and hidden villages that one can only experience while cycling there.

We will visit Kakheti, the birthplace of wine and a region famous for its world-class vineyards. Most traditional wineries are famous for their “Kindzmarauli” (try to pronounce it!) wines, which were the favorites of Joseph Stalin. Delicious handcrafted natural wines are  prepared according to ancient Georgian principles. Trust us, you'll savor every drop. 

Georgian cuisine is arguably the world's original fusion cuisine. With influences from both, the East and the West - the food is one of a kind and delicious. The most common dish, khinkali is steamed dumplings filled with meat, cheese or vegetables. Fragrant meat stews, soul warming broths and fluffy flatbreads make up the day to day eats in Georgia.  

The Bike Trail: an Adventurous Path

Tbilisi: A City to Fall in Love 

Georgians are proud people who, despite foreign occupation strive to keep their culture, tradition and foreign identity intact. One such tradition that is commonplace are the Persian style sulphur baths. Walking across the cities, one notices old churches, mosques and synagogues as most Georgian's hold their religion in high regard. 

Caucasus Mountains: Crossing the Silk Route

Food, Food, Food: A Cuisine To Die For

Wine Tasting in Signaghe

A Diverse MTB Family

For our final day we head for Lisi lake just outside the city for a gentle but rewarding ride around some of the villages close to the city, combining single track, double jeep track and cattle trails here we spend a great day just meandering along superb local trails with breathtaking views of the city only seen by the local MTB enthusiast and our guests. For those who have no power left in their legs there’s an option to do a city tour to see many of the wonderful sights available to tourist in this ancient capital.

Home Stays and Elegant Guesthouses

Ask us the per person price or group tour price! This tour includes tours, accommodation, road transport, food, cycle rental and more!

Villages in Georgia are usually set upon a rocky outcrop above a rocky, narrow trail not devoid of hairpin bends. The trail is a mix of double track barely passable by vehicle and single track used only by adventurous trekkers and locals. There are climbs and absolutely stunning downhill rides and with a few adventurous river trails - all sections which requires full concentration.

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