Nearly all of us have heard of, visited or know someone who has visited the great Tirthan Valley…and with good reason. Although Tirthan Valley has gradually become known as a popular destination in the hills, it is still revered as an alternative spot for a hasty getaway from the busy city life. It is clean, has an abundance of flora and fauna and some truly captivating views. Camping in Tirthan Valley is therapeutic, to say the least. Don’t believe us?

We have listed exactly why you should visit Tirthan this winter season.


1. A Stunning, Distinct Landscape

You don’t just say no to pristine rivers and brooks babbling amidst a flourishing green forest, do you? Or a postcard like view of the hills where you can almost feel the clouds coming to play. Tirthan‘s unspoiled beauty is something to hold precious, and we hope it stays that way.

Tirthan Landscape

Charming Tirthan Landscape, Source: The Hindu


2. Location, Location, Location

The best part (especially for urbaners in north, viz. residents of NCR) is easy access. One can drive, rent a taxi, or more conveniently hop on a volvo departing from Delhi to Manali and exit your volvo before the Aut tunnel. From there, traveling by taxi is a breeze. This journey of 500 kms is all worth it once you retreat from your slumber and make way into Tirthan with a breath of fresh air.

Delhi to Tirthan Map

Delhi to Tirthan Map


3. Stumble Upon a Fall

A waterfall, that is. Something you won’t get tired of during your stay and exploration in Tirthan Valley, is being surprised by waterfalls in nooks and corners of the forest. Follow the sound, as they say – and it might lead you to hidden waterfall or two. You can find yourself whiling away hours while marveling at your discovery. Listening to the sounds of freshwater rushing to hit the smooth surface of rocks and pebbles is oddly soothing.

Hidden Waterfalls, Tirthan Valley

Spot the waterfall!


4. The Looming Climb

In the summer there is more bustle in the better part of Tirthan Valley, but true winter solstice is a rare time – a time for peace and inner meditation. The looming mountain is a great uphill but laughably easy climb with some spectacular views of the valley itself. It’s something you don’t want to miss. In the winter it may rain or snow, so make sure you’re covered and prepared.

Climb the looming mountain, Tirthan

Climb up the looming mountain, Source:

5. Charming Trails of Villages

Not only does Tirthan aim to charm, but it also brings with it a throng of small villages. One can simply explore and land up in one of the many villages in the area. Like Banjar, Shoja, Nagini and Gushaini, all accessible and within reach. You never know what or who you can find wandering around parts of these villages.

Trekking in Sai Ropa

Trekking near Sai Ropa in Banjar village, Source:

6. Serenity at Its Best

Grab a hammock and swing away. Because it is off season from December to February, you’re unlikely to run into a large or tumultuous crowd. A little sunshine in the day feels invaluable in the frosty winters and there is nothing quite like it in the comfort of your own peace and quiet. Of course, the view surrounding you is a major bonus.

Relaxing By Another Hidden Waterfall

Relaxing by another hidden waterfall, Source: JuniperOPC



7. Traditions Kept Alive

Owing to the fact that Tirthan is not yet swarming with tourists, it has maintained its traditional values and culture. You are likely to spot some temples with a long established architecture, where they still follow ancient customs and preserve old Hindu rituals.


8. Meadow and Mist

We’ve droned on about the hilly landscape and the babbling brooks, but what really make Tirthan striking are the vast green meadows slowly creeping in with clouds, creating a mysterious and almost surreal feeling.

Mist, Tirthan Valley

Mist-erious ways.

9. The Hospitality Factor

When in Tirthan, you’re bound to remember friendly faces who are more than happy to help. Like most in the mountainous regions, the people in and around Tirthan Valley are extremely welcoming and hospitable…and they’re even warmer in cool climate.

Friendly people of Tirthan

Friendly faces – people of Tirthan, Source: Parindey India



10. Homes Away from Home

Let’s not forget the pleasant, scenic guesthouses and home-stays where you would likely be staying while away in Tirthan Valley.

Beautiful Homestay at Tirthan Valley

Beautiful Homestay at Tirthan, Source: SoulSafar

11. Great Himalayan National Park

The final and the most popular feature of Tirthan is the Great Himalayan National Park. Established in 1984, this park has a large number of birds, various animals and innumerable flora to keep you busy all day. With undisturbed and actively protected wildlife, the GHNP in Himachal is thriving and is beautiful beyond belief. Any and all nature lovers must visit the Great Himalayan National Park at least once.

Great himalayan national park

Inside GNHP, Source:



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