Do you wonder how it would feel to be in a lush green meadow with a little stream flowing through it, pretty patches of flowers swaying by the stream, lofty snow covered mountains glistening in the morning sun captivating your gaze, and no sign of human habitation for miles and miles around?

You can reach a lot of places like these after trekking for short distances. The common point of all these treks – astounding beauty and that they don’t require very high level of fitness or prior trekking experience.

Here is a selection of 7 easy grade Himalayan treks which are ideal for the first time trekker and for the nature lover.

1. Deoriya Taal, Tungnath temple and Chandrashila Peak

Chandrashila peak

Chandrashila peak

Location: Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand

Time required: 5 days ex Delhi with 3 days of trekking. Make it shorter by excluding Deoriya Taal and do it in 3 days from Delhi.

Maximum altitude: Approximately 3,700 meters

Deoriya taal is a beautiful natural lake which shows reflections of several high moutain peaks of the Himalayas. The area is spectacularly beautiful, and you can camp by the lake.

Tungnath temple is the highest Shiva temple in the world and is the highest of the Panch Kedar temples. The temple lies on the trek route to Chandrashila Peak.

Chandrashila peak at an altitude of 3,700 meters (GPS recording. The board says 4,000 meters) shows a panoramic 360 degrees view of the Himalayas. On a clear day, you will see some stunningly beautiful snow covered peaks all around you.

The climbs on this trek may be a little steep at places, but the trekking distances are short and first timers with reasonable level of fitness can complete this trek quite easily.

Best time to go: April – there will be leftover snow at Chandrashila and possibly at Tungnath. May, June are great. The views are not that great in the monsoons. 4th week of September till December end are awesome. You might get fresh snowfall in December which can make this trek difficult.

2. Triund and Lahesh cave trek

Photo: Triund Baba

Photo: Triund Baba

Location: The trek starts from Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh

Time required: 4 days ex Delhi with 3 days of trekking. Make it shorter by excluding the snow line and Lahesh cave and do it in 3 days from Delhi.

Maximum altitude: Approximately 3,500 meters at Lahesh cave, Triund is at around 2,850 meters.

The trekking trail goes through dense forests and meadows at the higher reaches. The camping ground at Triund is simply beautiful and the views from here will make sure you exhaust all your camera memory and battery.

A short 2 hour trek from Triund will get you to the snow line at Ilaqa and from Ilaqa another short 2 hour trek will get you to Lahesh cave.

You’ll get a taste of adventure and you’ll get to see nature in all its glory during the trek.

Best time: April to June, Mid September to December. Expect snow in December. January and February will have a lot of snow and it will be difficult that time. You can also do this trek in the monsoons if you enjoy trekking in the rains. During monsoons, you might just be lucky enough to spot those beautiful rainbows.

3. Kuari pass trek

trekking-to-kuari pass

Trekking to Kuari Pass

Location: Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand. Base camp – Auli

Time required: 6 days ex Delhi with 4 days of trekking.

Maximum altitude: Approximately 3,750 meters

Pahadi (Mountain) legend goes that if you stare into something incredibly beautiful, it will posses you. And fairies and beautiful creatures abound in these mountains. So make sure you don’t stare at anything beautiful for too long. This was the story our guide gave us, and despite that, we couldn’t help but stare at everything on this trek. The dense forests, the rolling meadows with cows and sheep grazing in them, the spectacular Nanda Devi peak which seems like it is within grasping distance and the blue skies. Everything on this trek will make you sigh, and say nature is so beautiful.

An absolute must do trek for the beginner and for people who love nature.

Best time: May, June, September to December. Our favorite time is December because of the crisp blue skies, cold weather and an amazing adventure.

4. Bhrigu lake trek

Location: Manali

Time required: 5 days ex Delhi with 4 days of trekking

Maximum altitude: Approximately 4,300 meters

The common thing on all Himalayan treks is the spectacular views you will get. The special thing about this trek is the altitude you will gain on a short trek and that the Bhrigu lake is seeped in mystery and legend.

At the Bhrigu lake a number of sages meditated and attained Nirvana. All around is an air of mystery and a feeling of divine presence.

On the trek you will get to camp by lovely little streams, in meadows and in dense forests.

The trail isn’t very difficult, but there are several steep climbs involved. So start your cardio exercises before you head out on this one. First time trekkers will be able to complete it quite easily.

Best time to go: May to June, September to November. There may be snow in November in this area, so check weather conditions before you plan your trip.

5. Nag tibba trek

Campsite at Nag Tibba

Campsite at Nag Tibba

Location: Near Mussourie in Uttarakhand

Time required: 2 days from Delhi at a blistering speed, 3 days at leisure

Maximum altitude: Approximately 3,100 meters

One of the easiest treks in the Himalayas which will take you above 3,000 meters is the Nag tibba trek (Nag means Serpant, Tibba is peak in local dialects)

Isolated and dense forests of Oak and Deodar welcome you to the Nag Tibba trek. The trek route is well defined and there are 4 different ways of reaching the peak.

Best time: Do this trek in March or April to see Rhododendrons in full bloom and head there in October for those crisp clear blue skies after the rains.

6. Valley of flowers trek

Sunflowers at the banks of Pushpawati River - Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Sunflowers at the banks of Pushpawati River – Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Location: Garhwal Himalayas

Time required: 6 days ex Delhi with 4 days of trekking. Make it shorter by skipping Hemkund sahib gurudwara which makes it 5 days with 3 days of trekking

Maximum altitude: Between 3,300 meters and 3,700 meters

We haven’t seen a more beautiful place than this <PERIOD>.

You will be stunned, awestruck and your senses will be overwhelmed. The place is so spectacularly beautiful, that few other places in the world compare to this. Our advice, whenever the valley of flowers opens up next (now that there have been floods in Uttarakhand), just pack your bags and GO.

Best time: July to Mid- September. Monsoons is the best time for valley of flowers because this is when the flowers are in full bloom.

7. Kareri lake trek 


Location: Trek starts from Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh

Time required: 5 days ex Delhi with 4 days of trekking.

Maximum altitude: Approximately 3,300 meters

The Kareri lake is fed by the melting snow of the Dhauladhar mountains. The water of the lake is clear and you will be able to see the bottom of the shallow lake. Simply speaking, it means you can get stunning blue-hour reflection pictures of the Himalayas on this lake.

The trek route itself goes along small streams and drinking water this fresh is the closest you can come to sipping nectar.

Best time to go: May to June, September to December.


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