At 8,500 feet in the air suspended by rip-stop nylon and a harness, adventure only seems to have one meaning. However, there is more to Bir – Billing than just paragliding.


Drifting softly through parting clouds over a spectacular view in Himachal Pradesh is a feeling most paragliders would not be able to aptly describe. The aspect which attracts most travelers here is to experience the rush and immediate calm as they gracefully descend sighting the glorious Dhauladhar range. Paragliding is quintessential for a tourist while visiting this part of Himachal Pradesh, although the journey can be much more than just that if one simply…



Much like Dharamshala, Bir is a prominent Tibetan colony and exudes spirituality. You can easily spot monks hiking in the great outdoors in this area. A trek is warranted here, taking you through charming villages where local craftsmanship is at its best. One such stop has to be the Andretta Pottery Village and yes, it is famous for exactly that. Small studios full of beautiful pottery work akin to intricate artistic pieces, will surely have your heart.


Pottery in play, Source:


Bir, which is populated with agriculturalists also has a tea factory open to the public, where there is much to learn about India’s most consumed hot beverage.  The Bir Tea Factory is well-known and frequently visited by tourists, and it is located near Bir Bazaar, which offers a selection of dry goods and delicious fresh produce.

Freshly picked Tea Leaves

Freshly picked Tea Leaves


If you’re trekking around the area, you’re bound to salivate at the first whiff of food you can find. All that walking will come to good use once you hit Upper Bir or the Tibetan Colony to slurp on some noodle soup or bite into steaming momos. There are also Indian options available for the homesick and less adventurous travelers.


Dumplings and spring rolls, appetizing as ever

Dumplings and spring rolls, appetizing as ever


Common knowledge tells us that wherever you find meditation and monks (often both together), you find a monastery. Enter Chokling. Traditional Tibetan architecture full with monk’s quarters and stupas, meets blossoming gardens in this half a century old (probably even older) monastery.

As if all this weren’t enough, all experiences come second to what nature has to offer. Paragliding and cycling are special but the experience of trekking around the area is magical and invigorating. Snow covered peaks and lush fields against the backdrop of a clear sky are what make this journey unforgettable.