As a lover of all things that reside in nature, we know you must be an acrophile(a lover of high altitudes), and what combines the two to give you a steady rush of endorphins every time you lay your eyes on it?

That’s right, the mountains.

There are few things as eternal and mighty as the mountains standing tall and fearless, provoking some sort of forgotten nostalgia in our mind and reverence in our hearts. From the Andes in South America, to Mount Fuji in Japan and even the great Caucasus Mountains spread out across Russia and Georgia – there are plenty of trails across the planet that beg to be explored. One could argue, however, (and some of us may be biased) that there are no other trails as mighty and charming as the treks in the Himalayas. They protect India from the extreme cold winds blowing in from central Asia in the winters and give rise to the perennial rivers that the country is grateful for.

How could one not love the unique shape, rich mythology and the sheer size of the Himalayan peaks? Especially seen in plain view from our northern states. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh offer some of the most blissful and diverse treks enclosed by the welcome view of Himalayan peaks.

View from the top // Dhauladhar range

View from the top // Dhauladhar range

One such unique trek is Hamta Circle in Himachal Pradesh. Nothing compares to the beauty of this trek – which is why it is enough for any trekking enthusiast to fall in love all over again. A natural water spring, the Dhauladhar mountain range and lush green meadows are what brings travelers back to Hamta’s lap. This is the perfect short trek. This trek can be completed in four days. With a gradual climb, this trek is of moderate difficulty. Anyone is reasonable shape should be able to finish this trek easily. The trail is on a small plateau which goes around a circle, so you’re never on the same path twice. With a new view at each turn you take, the Hamta circle trek promises to refresh the body and mind. As you walk across the meadows, you are sure to notice the thick forests brimming with cedar, walnut and chestnut trees making the area cool and giving you plenty of shade for rest stops.

The Hamta Circle trek starts at Jagatsukh, which is one of the largest villages in Kullu Valley, located about 6 km away from Manali. We drive from Manali to Jagatsukh, located at 2,015 m, in the morning for an early start to the trek. The start is a steep trek going till we reach Jagatsukh temple, which is famed to be as old as the early 8th century. It is the base for many trek-lovers and has a cover of orchards all around the area. Even though the temple is visited by a throng of devotees (and some tourists) every day, it is known for its serenity and quiet.

Hamta Circle Trek - Joggi

Beginning the trek.

As you trek forth, the you will find yourself crossing a thickly covered forest, and eventually under the cool shade of a line of pine trees. Once out of the tree line, you emerge seeing spectacular views of the entire Kullu valley and a glorious bird’s eye view of Manali. Around the area you will see big boulders along narrow water streams that further add to the charm of this trek.

Hamta Circle boulders

Boulders on the uphill climb.

From Jagatsukh to Boggi will be a 3-4 hour trek, depending on your speed and the weather – which is usually splendid through the fall/spring season.  Once you set your camps at Boggi, you stay overnight. Take a chance to admire the starry skies and fresh mountain air. The next day one can head from Boggi to Saraboggi, which is another 3-4 hours. This route is more of a gradual uphill.

Hamta Circle River crossing

Crossing streams during the trek.

With rivers and crossing through forests, there is never a dull moment. You will reach the highest point of the trek on the way to Saraboggi. Pick an open space for a campsite – it’s sure to provide an amazing view of the surrounding Himalayan ranges. With shepherds and their livestock for company one can take solace in the solitude of Himachal.

Hamta Circle camp

Sharing stories with Shepherds.

Another night in the open, under the stars – savour the delicious meal by the warmth of the bonfire – before the next morning starts.

This is going to be the longest trek yet, from Saraboggi to Jogi Dug – if you visit in the cooler months, you will have to trek through the snow so be prepared! Today you will be tired, hungry and waiting to slip into your cosy sleeping bag.

As the final day arrives and time seems to fly, you trek to Jobri Nalla. This day is a descent to the Jobri dam site, crossing over a small bridge. Another long patch of dense forest area brings with it a new cover of bright flowering bushes, fruit trees and herbs.

Hamta Circle trek flowers

Spotting beautiful flowering bushes.

Once you keep walking downhill, you will reach the village Chachoga which lies opposite New Manali.  Here, you can look back and already reminisce as your short but memorable trek comes to an end.

Hamta circle meadows

A meadow straight out of heaven.

No story told can ever compare to actually experiencing the Hamta Circle trek in the flesh. If an absolutely blissful trail in the midst of nature is what you seek, then that is what you will get. If we have you convinced, then by all means trek with us and we’ll show you the best parts of the trail like no one else can.

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