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Skiing Refresher-1: Revv up your Skiing Vocabulary Ahead of the Season

With the start of Skiing season, GoMissing will have a base in Gulmarg to oversee skiing courses and customized programs. As skiing season hots up, in addition to getting your ski gear in order, its important to refresh your skiing knowledge.  For all those planning [...]

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History of Manali 

  History and mythology have always been intricately entwined in India. The further back one goes, the harder it gets to accurately discern one from the other. Strands of one seep into the other, blending homogeneously. 
Perhaps it’s just as well. Myths spice up the [...]

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The Tribes of Dha Hanu

Light-eyed, tall and strong jawed people with aristocratic noses, the Aryans have long been a source of much fascination and study for people in India and around the world. 'Aryan', a term for racial grouping was used to describe people of European and Western Asian [...]

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The Nag Tibba Story

As the adventurers that we are, the GoMissing team decided to recce the Nag Tibba which is an easy grade trek in Uttarakhand. So the trip was planned for the weekend and, Monika and I started on the Friday evening.  After a 5 hour journey [...]

By | February 12th, 2015|Trekking, Uttarakhand|2 Comments

8 Reasons To Go on a Trek Date

The Valentine's week is here and why not do something different than the plain old fancy dinners and red heart shaped balloons? Here we have 8 reasons why going on a trek date is much more romantic and fun!   So what are you waiting [...]

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Nandita’s GoMissing Experience

About Nandita Nandita works with an IT company and is what many would call a true adventure junkie with hobbies ranging from motorbiking to trekking, cycling and skiing. An avid photographer, she balances her life amazingly between work, activities and her kids, whom she is [...]

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Chime Lakhang – Punakha

The Temple of Fertility The Chime Lakhang or Chimi Lakhang is the temple of fertility, dedicated to Lama Drukpa Kunley - the divine madman of Bhutan. The temple is located in the Punakha district, which is about 10 kilometers from the Punakha town. To reach [...]

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33 Ultimate Travel Tips

Traveling is an art and the more you travel, the better you get at it. Experience teaches you, with time, the skills to become the ultimate traveler. So we decided to compile a list of travel tips from our most seasoned travelers and the tricks [...]

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A kingdom in the clouds – Bhutan

We're repeating our super successful trip to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan this year again in April and in May. The Bhutan expedition is a people and culture expedition which will cover the highlights of Bhutan and heartwarming Bhutanese culture over one week. We start [...]

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GoMissing at Bharatpur

A 4 member team accompanied by a GoMissing expedition leader headed to Bharatpur in search for exotic avian life in the forests of Keoladeo Ghana national park. While the birding experience was absolutely brilliant, and we were able to spot and identify close to 60 [...]

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GoMissing in Paradise – Gulmarg

If you were to wake up one morning and look outside the window to find that everything was under a thick blanket of white, the trees, the ground, the fields and everything imaginable under a thick sheet of pure white, what would be your first [...]

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The Black Drongo

Perched on a wire, a 11inch long shadow of black can spell doom for the little unaware insects and grasshoppers flying in the vicinity. The Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a small passerine bird which feeds primarily on flying insects & grasshoppers which they catch in [...]

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Nature in all her winter glory

A beautiful memory was created and imprinted in my mind on a very recent trek. We just finished the winter trek to Kuari pass in the first week of December. The trek turned out to be a surreal experience and all along we had the [...]

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Takin – The National Animal of Bhutan

The Takin's unique characteristics make it unlike any other animal Taxonomy The Takin is a one of its kind animal. Due to its uniqueness and lack of relationship with other animals, the Takin has been a bit of a hassle for taxonomists. Since the animal [...]

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Depth of Field in Photography

Recently a friend saw this (and some other) pictures and asked about how I was getting the perfect DOF for such images, and specifically asked about what I do in the field rather than what is published in the books and the articles. Isolating [...]

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Around Leh – Sindhu Ghat, Shay and Stok

Our journey of exploration around Leh continued with a visit to the Sindhu ghat, Shay palace and Stok village. The Sindhu ghat (Indus bank) is a peaceful riverbank nestled in the surreal landscape of Ladakh. The barren brown mountains, a peaceful river flowing across stones [...]

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Around Leh – Thikshay Monastery

The Thikshay monastery rises from the vast brown plains and embraces the open blue skies giving the approaching visitor a feeling of peace and calm. The Thikshay Monastery belongs to the Gelukpa order of Buddhism and was founded in 1430AD by Spon Palden Zangpo, nephew [...]

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Around Leh – Hemis Monastery

After a night of blissful sleep we awoke to a crisp October morning in Leh. As the sun started rising over the horizon, the nip in the air gave way to a warm feeling which just made perfect sense. A little while later we got [...]

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Wild and free

I would imagine that everyone at some point in time has had a dream like this; Run like there is no tomorrow, wind flowing through your hair and flowing through the rest of you, binding and uniting you with the spirit of freedom and with the [...]

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Baralacha-la pass – pic of the day

From our unbelivably stunning "words can't even begin to describe it" cycling trip from Shimla to Khardung-la last year... the pic of the day of Baralacha-La pass Thanks Shrenik and Mike... you guys are simply the best :) It couldn't have been better. Cheers to [...]

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Traditional Dances of Bhutan

Bhutanese traditional masked dances The rich cultural and religious history of Bhutan comes to fore during the Tsechu festival when traditional dances based on the lives of Padmasambhava and other saints are performed. On our request, a mini Tsechu festival was re-created especially for our [...]

By | August 3rd, 2010|Bhutan|6 Comments

Bhutan Day 3 – Paro

There is a special charm of doing absolutely nothing and watching the rain fall all over the trees and the mountains. Life doesn't get better at these moments. The joy of traveling and soaking in the atmosphere of the place is pure bliss. After waiting [...]

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Bhutan Day 2 – An evening in Paro

By the time we reached Paro it was already late evening. While driving through the city to reach our hotel we caught a glimpse of the Paro Dzong and Museum. Both structures looked stunningly beautiful under the starlit sky and with artificial lighting. As soon [...]

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Bhutan day 2 – Phuntsholing

With major part of the trade with India being conducted from here, the border town of Phuntsholing is a hub of economic activity. The border is a gate which one can simply walk across. Most of the times papers are not checked, and there is [...]

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Kuzu Zangpo La

In Bhutanese language - Dzongkha the phrase means "Hello/How are you". La is added as a mark of respect to the person being addressed. The entire Bhutan welcomed us with such phrases spoken in soft voice with genuine warmth. Right from the time we were [...]

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The place I've grown up in, is thankfully one of the greenest areas of Delhi. Right behind my place there is a huge forest area, which is teeming with bird life. Quite frequently I get to see several species which include raptors, tailorbirds, sunbirds, hornbills, [...]

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Morning walk at Hauz Khas Lake

This has to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Delhi. A huge artificial lake, the Hauz Khas monuments on one side, large open parks all around. People with cameras, artists with their canvases, children with their cricket bats, laughter therapy groups, [...]

By | March 3rd, 2010|Delhi, Photography|0 Comments

Born free?

One of the most awe inspiring predators ever, the Asiatic Lion was once spread over large parts of the Indian subcontinent. As with most big cats, loss of habitat, merciless hunting and loss of natural prey has led to a massive decline in the number [...]

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Born free?

One of the most awe inspiring predators ever, the Asiatic Lion was once spread over large parts of the Indian subcontinent. As with most big cats, loss of habitat, merciless hunting and loss of natural prey has led to a massive decline in the number [...]

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Some just can’t sit still

... but then again :) **twweeeettt** and.. the male (as usual, more patience and all ;)) These were clicked a couple of days back from my terrace :) **still waiting for the $$$ to buy the Canon 500mm F/4** :) [...]

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Birding @ Hauz Khas lake

After ages, I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite haunts in the vicinity... the Hauz Khas lake. Usually, the lake is teeming with bird life; but for any sighting one has to reach there at the crack of dawn, or at [...]

By | February 4th, 2010|Photography|2 Comments

The Indian Roller… (Blue Jay)

Commonly found in open grassland and thin forests, the blue jay is a considered a sign of good luck. The blue jay is also known as the neelkanth or blue throat after lord Shiva whose throat became blue after drinking poison. Though the bird has [...]

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Kerala wildlife… Neelgiri Thar

A backpacking trip across Kerala led us to a small national park located in the Idukki district of Kerala. The park is all over the hilly terrain of the Western Ghats of India. Every 12 years in the months of September/October, the green slopes of [...]

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The Enchantress… Pushkar

There I was... walking the streets of Pushkar (during the camel fair) mostly minding my own business, when I came across her. For a couple of minutes I continued walking and chatting with my friends after which I realized what that bright, colorful and gorgeous [...]

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Wildlifing @ Dandeli…

These pictures were clicked in the thickly forested Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. The entire area is one non-ending forest. Our visit was during (or just after) the monsoons, and thanks to the rains, the entire area looked freshly washed and cleaned. While the rains made the [...]

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A frequent visitor…

One of the members of the party birds in the tree behind my house... As the flowers bloom on the bottlebrush (the red flowers in the picture) the purple sunbird's merrymaking starts. Usually one can see them chasing each another from branch to branch, tree [...]

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and life goes on…

Broken walls, pillars caving in, cracks in structures, warped support beams, dangling electricity wires... ...and life goes on. Would you attribute it to the human spirit? or to the lack of choice? or something else? Clicked in Mussoorie over [...]

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... wilderness all around, peaceful old hills watching over the forest, tall tiger grass shimmering in the late afternoon sun, gentle warm breeze caressing you with the lightest touch, deer grazing in the distance. An atmosphere of complete peace. A moment of just being and [...]

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A recent visitor…

A recent power failure in the afternoon forced me to shut shop, and walk around on the terrace with my camera. The reason for the “terrace walk” with the camera was a bunch of Coppersmith Barbets that I had seen lolling around and hogging in [...]

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Pic of the day… fond memories

The one year at ISB was quite eventful... to say the least. Some of the most beautiful memories, emotions, ups and downs were a part of the one year which (for some of us at least) will last us a lifetime. One of my fondest [...]

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All fake…

except me obviously... I'm the only one putting any real effort here! From the much fun Pondi trip. These fakes were clicked at Mahabalipuram. No help I get, I tell u!

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Streets of Pushkar

The streets of Pushkar, especially during the mela, come alive with a myriad array of vibrant colors and sights... From artists performing on streets to roadside food to people selling their wares to camels. Here are a few interesting sights we came across... While walking, [...]

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Culinary adventures & fireworks @ Pushkar

The streets of Pushkar, especially during the mela, come alive with roadside cafes, Italian, French, German, Israeli, and every other imaginable eating joint. While walking the streets, I came across restaurants serving all kind of cuisines. Loud signs outside restaurants inviting you inside in all [...]

By | November 7th, 2009|Pushkar, Travel|2 Comments

The Pushkar Lake

The Pushkar lake, which is considered to be the most holy spot in the city, has almost dried up. There are about 1000 temples in Pushkar, but according to the locals, prayers are offered only at the lake. Unfortunately, this is what it looks like [...]

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Pic of the day… Purple Sunbird

One of my favorite visitors on campus... the female purple sunbird. This one used to frequent the bushes outside my room window in campus, and every time I heard it tweeting (the real tweet) I used to start shooting. I don't think I've ever kept [...]

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Pic of the day… The elements, Goa

The elements - Goa, clicked near Fort Aguada in Goa. I imagine it is tough traveling with a photographer. All the photographer wants is the "right shot" and would trek/walk/hike/jump/get bruised/and whatever it takes to get it (but still doesn't get the it a lot [...]

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Pic of the day…

The common Jezebel (Delias eucharis), quite a common butterfly in the Indian subcontinent. Read all about it here (opens in a new window) Both pics clicked in Hyderabad, one at the Golconda fort, and the other in ISB campus. Clicking butterflies can be quite a [...]

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Pic of the day…

In remembrance of ISB days, once again, the pic of the day series. Scenes gone by, interesting perspectives, etc etc etc... To kick-start the series, a picture from the trek at Yosemite national park...

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At Khardung-la

40Kms, 6500ft ascent, altitude of 18380ft, 11 hours (including 3 hours of break) of gruelling uphill and we've done it : ) Cycled to Khardung-la - the highest motorable pass in the world :) A simply amazing feeling... really can't be described in words. Its [...]

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