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Songs for the road

A long road on a barren landscape of red mud, high morning sun filtering through the car window, pleasant ambient temperature inside the car  (air-conditioning, of course!), the dilemma of deciding the next destination and a song playing in the car - Yun hi chala [...]

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Exotic Flowers in Valley of Flowers

Green bellflower vine is found in abundance in the Valley of Flower. These greenish yellow bell-shaped flowers appear on vines in summers and have purple markings all over. The flower is commonly found in the Himalayas, from Uttarakhand to Bhutan, at an altitude of 1200 [...]

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Trekking in Valley of Flowers

A place of astounding beauty Using superlatives to describe the Valley of Flowers seems totally justified. Abound with millions of flowers, numerous streams and verdant green landscape – the valley exudes unparalleled beauty. During monsoons, the valley exhibits a whole spectrum of colors. In [...]

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GoMissing is hiring – June 2014

Before we get to know you, here is who we are and what this is all about. We're a young travel start up running AWESOME adventure & off beat tours in the Himalayas. Like a lot of start ups, GoMissing offers tremendous learning opportunities and offers [...]

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8 awesome and free things to do in Delhi

Living in Delhi or visiting Delhi over the weekend and wondering what to do without spending a bomb? Read on to see how you can spend a great weekend in Delhi without doing the usual pub/ club/ movie/ dinner kind of thing. This post lists [...]

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11 reasons why you must visit Spiti

Spiti, also known as the middle land, is a beautiful cold desert area in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti is known as the middle land as it lies between India to the South and Tibet to the North. In the past, a large volume of trade between [...]

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13 reasons why Bhutan is a must visit

Does the idea of exploring a different place, meeting people from different cultures, understanding their lives and finding adventure outside your comfort zone interest you? If you hear yourself saying "yes this is totally me" then read on. And once you're done reading, pack your [...]

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Mountain biking in Uttarakhand – Kodima

Uttarakhand, the land of the gods as the state is popularly known as typically conjures up images of temples, religious rituals and the Char Dham Yatra (The pilgrimage of 4 temple towns) for most people. For adventure lovers, the state is associated with rafting, kayaking [...]

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MTB ride to Bhardwaj Lake

The Bhardwaj lake is a lesser known wonder on the outskirts of Delhi. Till recently, the lake wasn't on most maps and it was one of those places which couldn't be found except by those who already knew where it is. In recent times, the [...]

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Endearing sights

Children offering prayers There seems to be something about some simple sights which just leave an impression on you for a lifetime. The picture above is a simple click of two children playing. Somehow this picture just goes right up in my favorite [...]

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Yellow Wattled Lapwing

The Yellow Wattled Lapwing (Vanellus Malabaricus) is a fairly common non migratory resident bird found in the dry scrub and open grassland of the Indian subcontinent. Although the bird is non-migratory, it moves seasonally according to rain patterns. You can distinguish it from [...]

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A moment with a Butterfly

    We were wondering what to do one February weekend in Hyderabad, when we decided to visit the Zoo and explore wildlife photography in a relatively controlled environment. The Hyderabad Zoo is a good place for wildlife lovers and photographers looking to [...]

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The Purple Sunbird

    "The purple sunbird dances, dressed in shades of black, then the sun spots her, turning her into a mesmerizing purple, " writes Sreelekha Premjit, in her poem dedicated to the winged creature. True to the words above, this little bird, just about 10 [...]

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“Tons” of fun weekend – rafting the Tons river

This time around, the GoMissing gang is heading to the Tons river for a weekend of incredible fun, laughter, rafting and giving ourselves a break from the city life. Joining us is a motley crew of professionals, entrepreneurs, special educators and HR professionals. trip details: [...]

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The massive climb to Khardung-la…

What we're here for... we start today. And unlike other days, we're up early, and even managed to leave by 7 AM. Today's ride... 40Kms, 6500ft ascent reaching an altitude of 18380ft. The road... about 26Kms of good road up to south pullu... after that [...]

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Of prayer flags, wishes and wish factories…

Crossing the Baralacha-la, situated in the Zanskar range, one of the highest motorable passes in the world. Once again, i'm rendered pretty much speechless. All around at the pass there are prayer flags and wishes. The view, nothing short of astounding. Rock structures made by [...]

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Mountains and life…

What I did not capture was the immigrant laborers toiling away breaking stones for making roads. They come here from as far as Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal to make a living. What I did capture was the rosy picture of life in the mountains [...]

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Boys will be boys…

At times, there is a sense of something amazing in the air, you just know it and you just feel it without really knowing what it is. At times, you discover, that the feeling is just snowballs, other times hot tea on a chilly day [...]

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Changing scapes

From one side of Rohtang, shrouded in thick fog, heavy rain and mountains rising out of clouds we rode into warm evening sunshine, blue skies, white clouds adorning snow covered peaks of the Pir Panjal range. And the icing on the [...]

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At Marhi

By the time we reach Marhi it is already night. There aren't too many accommodation options and we shack up at a really run down place. No place for a shower or a clean loo and a room infested with mosquitoes is in store for [...]

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Cycling to the Rohtang pass

The first few kms run along the beautiful beas valley, with a cover of green all along. In the distance shrouded in clouds and mist, there is a sheer wall of rock and snow called the Pir Panjal range. The Rohtang pass will take us [...]

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The morning after

Written at 10:45AM on 27th July 2009. Yeah I was writing that time, and NO, we didn’t get late because of the writing. Beautiful morning, it rained all night and now everything around is freshly washed and clean. The trees look greener than usual, the [...]

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Of cushions and perspectives

Cycling in the mountains is a whole different experience. What you discover about yourself, and life in general, you just can't beat. I promise you that. A poll conducted by interviewing the members of the team resulted in these top findings. 1. You really discover [...]

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Temporal discordance…

24th July – Drive from Delhi to Shimla So, the plan was to update the blog real time during the cycling trip. Since that didn’t happen, I’m going to start the account pretty much from Delhi. Delhi to Shimla – by car with 3 cycles [...]

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a new butt please!

I don't think I need to write anything in this post. The topic pretty much says it all. While i'm at it, how about a new set of legs as well. :) The story update will happen soon. Just a quick update for now, we [...]

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Day -1 Flight from Hyd to Del

sleepless night, crazy day, long flight... but lots of entertainment. Mike forgets his name when the air hostess asks for him. Air hostess - Edward Mike EDWARD - Who? That's not me Air hostess - Mr. Edward? Mike - no Mike - **zzzzz** Shrenik/Saurabh - [...]

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Scenes from the past…

A few scenes from the past... can almost feel them calling out :) Water eroding the land Natural soil erosion in Spiti Beautiful natural formations in Spiti valley Dhankar lake - the mirror image Dhankar village - Pin [...]

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The excitement

... can't wait to get there. I have done some crazy stuff before. From cross country drives, to body surfing rapids, to high altitude trekking, to jumping off cliffs. But, this one really does take the cake. In all these trips, I've pretty much questioned [...]

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Cycling to the top of the world…

...Okay, that might sound just a little dramatic, but then again, at 18,380ft Khardung-la is one of the highest motorable passes in the world (the highest according to the border roads organisation). Looking forward to the challenge of conquering Khardung-la or K-top as it is [...]

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