6 Reasons Why Cameron Highlands Should Feature on your Trip to Malaysia

The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s most beautiful hill stations. Size of Singapore, this hill station is about 200 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. It is named after Sir William Cameron, a British surveyor who was commissioned by the colonial government to map out the region in 1885. While the British [...]

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11 Places for the Perfect Sleep in Gulmarg: an Exhaustive Hotel Guide

Summers or winters, Gulmarg or the meadow of flowers captivates you with its beauty and charm. Saurabh Kapur, CEO-GoMissing Expeditions spends a good part of skiing season stationed at this beautiful place conducting Skiing Courses. He was asked by Happy Trips to share his recommendations of Hotels [...]

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Cycling Around George Town, Penang

When it comes to cycling destinations, GoMissing goes all out to bring to you charming, eclectic, adventurous and offbeat destinations. Last week saw us heading out to George Town, Penang in Malaysia. We were heading there to sample Penang’s unique cuisine, see a thriving culture [...]

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16 Mountain Biking Tips from Manali-Leh Expedition

The 545 Km Manali-Leh trail is one of the extreme expeditions GoMissing  takes serious cyclists on.  The 12 day trail is replete with steep climbs, rapid descents, disorienting switchbacks and plenty of gravelly terrain. The beauty of the trail, of course lies in unmatchable landscape [...]

Skiing Refresher-1: Revv up your Skiing Vocabulary Ahead of the Season

With the start of Skiing season, GoMissing will have a base in Gulmarg to oversee skiing courses and customized programs. As skiing season hots up, in addition to getting your ski gear in order, its important to refresh your skiing knowledge.  For all those planning [...]

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This Halloween, a Spooky Tale That’s Great for Bonfires and a Bit of ‘Kissa-Goi’ That’s Great for Bonding

It was December of 2013 and we were camping on a craggy stone cliff facing the Arabian Sea, somewhere close to Kashid beach in Maharashtra. We were three families with five children, all of who wanted it to be the night full of scary stories [...]

What’s a Bonfire without these songs?

Come autumn and the trekking season begins at GoMissing! Whether you are on our Lamadug/Pin Bhaba/Kunzum Chandrataal  treks  in Himachal or Kedarkantha/ Valley of Flowers/Nag Tibba treks in Utarakhand, one thing that runs common across all these are the unmissable Bonfire evenings. What roasting marshmallows [...]

History of Manali 

  History and mythology have always been intricately entwined in India. The further back one goes, the harder it gets to accurately discern one from the other. Strands of one seep into the other, blending homogeneously. 
Perhaps it’s just as well. Myths spice up the [...]

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10 Shudh Desi Travel Keedas

Everybody loves a good hack! For the generation that looks for effective hacks for nearly everything, we at GoMissing decided to share some of our tested and tried travel hacks. These absolutely DESI hacks are desier than jugaad and masala chai! When we are getting [...]

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Experience India by Road with Rahman

Many memories of growing up in Kanpur and Lucknow are related to the road journeys we took in our trusted Ambassador. The car majestically carried us to towns like Rai Bareily, Allahabad, Fatehpur, Benares for many memorable 'mundans', engagements, weddings, housewarming or sometimes, just to [...]

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33 Ultimate Travel Tips

Traveling is an art and the more you travel, the better you get at it. Experience teaches you, with time, the skills to become the ultimate traveler. So we decided to compile a list of travel tips from our most seasoned travelers and the tricks [...]

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GoMissing is hiring – June 2014

Before we get to know you, here is who we are and what this is all about. We're a young travel start up running AWESOME adventure & off beat tours in the Himalayas. Like a lot of start ups, GoMissing offers tremendous learning opportunities and offers [...]

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