What’s a Bonfire without these songs?

Come autumn and the trekking season begins at GoMissing! Whether you are on our Lamadug/Pin Bhaba/Kunzum Chandrataal  treks  in Himachal or Kedarkantha/ Valley of Flowers/Nag Tibba treks in Utarakhand, one thing that runs common across all these are the unmissable Bonfire evenings. What roasting marshmallows [...]

Yellow Wattled Lapwing

The Yellow Wattled Lapwing (Vanellus Malabaricus) is a fairly common non migratory resident bird found in the dry scrub and open grassland of the Indian subcontinent. Although the bird is non-migratory, it moves seasonally according to rain patterns. You can distinguish it from [...]

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A moment with a Butterfly

    We were wondering what to do one February weekend in Hyderabad, when we decided to visit the Zoo and explore wildlife photography in a relatively controlled environment. The Hyderabad Zoo is a good place for wildlife lovers and photographers looking to [...]

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The Purple Sunbird

    "The purple sunbird dances, dressed in shades of black, then the sun spots her, turning her into a mesmerizing purple, " writes Sreelekha Premjit, in her poem dedicated to the winged creature. True to the words above, this little bird, just about 10 [...]

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GoMissing at Bharatpur

A 4 member team accompanied by a GoMissing expedition leader headed to Bharatpur in search for exotic avian life in the forests of Keoladeo Ghana national park. While the birding experience was absolutely brilliant, and we were able to spot and identify close to 60 [...]

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The Black Drongo

Perched on a wire, a 11inch long shadow of black can spell doom for the little unaware insects and grasshoppers flying in the vicinity. The Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a small passerine bird which feeds primarily on flying insects & grasshoppers which they catch in [...]

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Depth of Field in Photography

Recently a friend saw this (and some other) pictures and asked about how I was getting the perfect DOF for such images, and specifically asked about what I do in the field rather than what is published in the books and the articles. Isolating [...]

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The place I've grown up in, is thankfully one of the greenest areas of Delhi. Right behind my place there is a huge forest area, which is teeming with bird life. Quite frequently I get to see several species which include raptors, tailorbirds, sunbirds, hornbills, [...]

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Morning walk at Hauz Khas Lake

This has to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Delhi. A huge artificial lake, the Hauz Khas monuments on one side, large open parks all around. People with cameras, artists with their canvases, children with their cricket bats, laughter therapy groups, [...]

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Born free?

One of the most awe inspiring predators ever, the Asiatic Lion was once spread over large parts of the Indian subcontinent. As with most big cats, loss of habitat, merciless hunting and loss of natural prey has led to a massive decline in the number [...]

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Born free?

One of the most awe inspiring predators ever, the Asiatic Lion was once spread over large parts of the Indian subcontinent. As with most big cats, loss of habitat, merciless hunting and loss of natural prey has led to a massive decline in the number [...]

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Some just can’t sit still

... but then again :) **twweeeettt** and.. the male (as usual, more patience and all ;)) These were clicked a couple of days back from my terrace :) **still waiting for the $$$ to buy the Canon 500mm F/4** :) [...]

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Birding @ Hauz Khas lake

After ages, I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite haunts in the vicinity... the Hauz Khas lake. Usually, the lake is teeming with bird life; but for any sighting one has to reach there at the crack of dawn, or at [...]

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The Indian Roller… (Blue Jay)

Commonly found in open grassland and thin forests, the blue jay is a considered a sign of good luck. The blue jay is also known as the neelkanth or blue throat after lord Shiva whose throat became blue after drinking poison. Though the bird has [...]

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Kerala wildlife… Neelgiri Thar

A backpacking trip across Kerala led us to a small national park located in the Idukki district of Kerala. The park is all over the hilly terrain of the Western Ghats of India. Every 12 years in the months of September/October, the green slopes of [...]

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The Enchantress… Pushkar

There I was... walking the streets of Pushkar (during the camel fair) mostly minding my own business, when I came across her. For a couple of minutes I continued walking and chatting with my friends after which I realized what that bright, colorful and gorgeous [...]

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Wildlifing @ Dandeli…

These pictures were clicked in the thickly forested Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. The entire area is one non-ending forest. Our visit was during (or just after) the monsoons, and thanks to the rains, the entire area looked freshly washed and cleaned. While the rains made the [...]

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A frequent visitor…

One of the members of the party birds in the tree behind my house... As the flowers bloom on the bottlebrush (the red flowers in the picture) the purple sunbird's merrymaking starts. Usually one can see them chasing each another from branch to branch, tree [...]

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A recent visitor…

A recent power failure in the afternoon forced me to shut shop, and walk around on the terrace with my camera. The reason for the “terrace walk” with the camera was a bunch of Coppersmith Barbets that I had seen lolling around and hogging in [...]

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Pic of the day… fond memories

The one year at ISB was quite eventful... to say the least. Some of the most beautiful memories, emotions, ups and downs were a part of the one year which (for some of us at least) will last us a lifetime. One of my fondest [...]

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Pic of the day… Purple Sunbird

One of my favorite visitors on campus... the female purple sunbird. This one used to frequent the bushes outside my room window in campus, and every time I heard it tweeting (the real tweet) I used to start shooting. I don't think I've ever kept [...]

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Pic of the day… The elements, Goa

The elements - Goa, clicked near Fort Aguada in Goa. I imagine it is tough traveling with a photographer. All the photographer wants is the "right shot" and would trek/walk/hike/jump/get bruised/and whatever it takes to get it (but still doesn't get the it a lot [...]

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Pic of the day…

The common Jezebel (Delias eucharis), quite a common butterfly in the Indian subcontinent. Read all about it here (opens in a new window) Both pics clicked in Hyderabad, one at the Golconda fort, and the other in ISB campus. Clicking butterflies can be quite a [...]

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Pic of the day…

In remembrance of ISB days, once again, the pic of the day series. Scenes gone by, interesting perspectives, etc etc etc... To kick-start the series, a picture from the trek at Yosemite national park...

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