Chime Lakhang – Punakha

The Temple of Fertility The Chime Lakhang or Chimi Lakhang is the temple of fertility, dedicated to Lama Drukpa Kunley - the divine madman of Bhutan. The temple is located in the Punakha district, which is about 10 kilometers from the Punakha town. To reach [...]

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13 reasons why Bhutan is a must visit

Does the idea of exploring a different place, meeting people from different cultures, understanding their lives and finding adventure outside your comfort zone interest you? If you hear yourself saying "yes this is totally me" then read on. And once you're done reading, pack your [...]

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A kingdom in the clouds – Bhutan

We're repeating our super successful trip to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan this year again in April and in May. The Bhutan expedition is a people and culture expedition which will cover the highlights of Bhutan and heartwarming Bhutanese culture over one week. We start [...]

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Takin – The National Animal of Bhutan

The Takin's unique characteristics make it unlike any other animal Taxonomy The Takin is a one of its kind animal. Due to its uniqueness and lack of relationship with other animals, the Takin has been a bit of a hassle for taxonomists. Since the animal [...]

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Traditional Dances of Bhutan

Bhutanese traditional masked dances The rich cultural and religious history of Bhutan comes to fore during the Tsechu festival when traditional dances based on the lives of Padmasambhava and other saints are performed. On our request, a mini Tsechu festival was re-created especially for our [...]

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Bhutan Day 3 – Paro

There is a special charm of doing absolutely nothing and watching the rain fall all over the trees and the mountains. Life doesn't get better at these moments. The joy of traveling and soaking in the atmosphere of the place is pure bliss. After waiting [...]

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Bhutan Day 2 – An evening in Paro

By the time we reached Paro it was already late evening. While driving through the city to reach our hotel we caught a glimpse of the Paro Dzong and Museum. Both structures looked stunningly beautiful under the starlit sky and with artificial lighting. As soon [...]

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Bhutan day 2 – Phuntsholing

With major part of the trade with India being conducted from here, the border town of Phuntsholing is a hub of economic activity. The border is a gate which one can simply walk across. Most of the times papers are not checked, and there is [...]

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Kuzu Zangpo La

In Bhutanese language - Dzongkha the phrase means "Hello/How are you". La is added as a mark of respect to the person being addressed. The entire Bhutan welcomed us with such phrases spoken in soft voice with genuine warmth. Right from the time we were [...]

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