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16 Mountain Biking Tips from Manali-Leh Expedition

The 545 Km Manali-Leh trail is one of the extreme expeditions GoMissing  takes serious cyclists on.  The 12 day trail is replete with steep climbs, rapid descents, disorienting switchbacks and plenty of gravelly terrain. The beauty of the trail, of course lies in unmatchable landscape [...]

This Halloween, a Spooky Tale That’s Great for Bonfires and a Bit of ‘Kissa-Goi’ That’s Great for Bonding

It was December of 2013 and we were camping on a craggy stone cliff facing the Arabian Sea, somewhere close to Kashid beach in Maharashtra. We were three families with five children, all of who wanted it to be the night full of scary stories [...]

What’s a Bonfire without these songs?

Come autumn and the trekking season begins at GoMissing! Whether you are on our Lamadug/Pin Bhaba/Kunzum Chandrataal  treks  in Himachal or Kedarkantha/ Valley of Flowers/Nag Tibba treks in Utarakhand, one thing that runs common across all these are the unmissable Bonfire evenings. What roasting marshmallows [...]

History of Manali 

  History and mythology have always been intricately entwined in India. The further back one goes, the harder it gets to accurately discern one from the other. Strands of one seep into the other, blending homogeneously. 
Perhaps it’s just as well. Myths spice up the [...]

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Boys will be boys…

At times, there is a sense of something amazing in the air, you just know it and you just feel it without really knowing what it is. At times, you discover, that the feeling is just snowballs, other times hot tea on a chilly day [...]

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Changing scapes

From one side of Rohtang, shrouded in thick fog, heavy rain and mountains rising out of clouds we rode into warm evening sunshine, blue skies, white clouds adorning snow covered peaks of the Pir Panjal range. And the icing on the [...]

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At Marhi

By the time we reach Marhi it is already night. There aren't too many accommodation options and we shack up at a really run down place. No place for a shower or a clean loo and a room infested with mosquitoes is in store for [...]

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Cycling to the Rohtang pass

The first few kms run along the beautiful beas valley, with a cover of green all along. In the distance shrouded in clouds and mist, there is a sheer wall of rock and snow called the Pir Panjal range. The Rohtang pass will take us [...]

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The morning after

Written at 10:45AM on 27th July 2009. Yeah I was writing that time, and NO, we didn’t get late because of the writing. Beautiful morning, it rained all night and now everything around is freshly washed and clean. The trees look greener than usual, the [...]

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Of cushions and perspectives

Cycling in the mountains is a whole different experience. What you discover about yourself, and life in general, you just can't beat. I promise you that. A poll conducted by interviewing the members of the team resulted in these top findings. 1. You really discover [...]

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Temporal discordance…

24th July – Drive from Delhi to Shimla So, the plan was to update the blog real time during the cycling trip. Since that didn’t happen, I’m going to start the account pretty much from Delhi. Delhi to Shimla – by car with 3 cycles [...]

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a new butt please!

I don't think I need to write anything in this post. The topic pretty much says it all. While i'm at it, how about a new set of legs as well. :) The story update will happen soon. Just a quick update for now, we [...]

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Scenes from the past…

A few scenes from the past... can almost feel them calling out :) Water eroding the land Natural soil erosion in Spiti Beautiful natural formations in Spiti valley Dhankar lake - the mirror image Dhankar village - Pin [...]

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The excitement

... can't wait to get there. I have done some crazy stuff before. From cross country drives, to body surfing rapids, to high altitude trekking, to jumping off cliffs. But, this one really does take the cake. In all these trips, I've pretty much questioned [...]

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Cycling to the top of the world…

...Okay, that might sound just a little dramatic, but then again, at 18,380ft Khardung-la is one of the highest motorable passes in the world (the highest according to the border roads organisation). Looking forward to the challenge of conquering Khardung-la or K-top as it is [...]

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