Come autumn and the trekking season begins at GoMissing! Whether you are on our Lamadug/Pin Bhaba/Kunzum Chandrataal  treks  in Himachal or Kedarkantha/ Valley of Flowers/Nag Tibba treks in Utarakhand, one thing that runs common across all these are the unmissable Bonfire evenings.

What roasting marshmallows is to Americans, singing Bollywood numbers over campfire is to us Indians! When the evening sun dips into the dark of the night, the glowing embers call the most tired camper out from the tent for a session of singing! The smiles, bonhomie and wonderful ambience encourages even the hesitant bathroom singer to strike a gusty soprano, and no sooner, you see the shy observer suggesting a song perfect for the occasion.

GoMissing campfires are all about camaraderie, cosiness, comfort and if we may also add, CHEMISTRY! There’s a coffee chain whose ads say, ‘a lot can happen over coffee’.  At GoMissing we say, a lot can happen over campfires!

Here is our pick of songs to help you gear for your bonfire! Enjoy the list and do suggest the songs you would like to add to this list! Drop us a comment here or on facebook.

And hey, look up our forthcoming treks at the end of post, for all you know something wonderful is waiting to happen for you too!

  1. So gaya yeh jahan-Tezaab


  1. Enjoy yourself, its later than you think-Doris Day


  1. Purani Jeans-Ali Haider


  1. Neela Aasmaan so gaya


  1. Que Sera Sera-Doris Day


  1. Edelweiss-Sound of Music


  1. Go Acapella, Penn Masala Style


  1. Inteha ho gayi intezaar ki-Sharabi


9. Pyar Hume Kis Mod pe le aaya


  1. Neele Neele Ambar par-Kalakaar


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