The valley of Flowers national park is a visual delight and a treat to ones senses. A trek into the valley during the monsoons is enough to lift spirits, leave the visitor spellbound, and overwhelm the senses (in an absolutely wonderful way).

Nestled in the Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve in the western Himalayas the valley is home to several rare and endangered species like the Asiatic Black bear, snow leopard, blue sheep and brown bears besides having hundreds of endemic flowers and herb species. In addition to the plants and animals, there are a large number of bird and butterfly species.

A walk through the valley is sure to throw up some incredible experiences. Once such experience was playing with butterflies in the park. We decided to sit around on some rocks by the glacial stream near some pretty flowers where these little guys were fluttering around. In a few minutes, they became accustomed to our presence and decided to come closer. In a few more minutes, they decided to make friends and came and sat on our legs and shoes… and very soon they decided to shake hands as well.

The small joys of life… make life incredible… Looking forward to more such small pleasures on GoMissing Expeditions.

butterflies - valley of flowers

Butterflies on our hands – Valley of flowers


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