Work at GoMissing Expeditions

At GoMissing, we not only believe in working hard, but also believe in pursuing our passion and having a fulfilling work life balance.

Interaction with incredible people from around the world, travel, photography, exploring the world, physical and mental well being and a journey of self exploration is all very much a part of the GoMissing lifestyle. You’ll get to interact with people from all walks of life who have accomplished something and are special in their own way.

What we do and what you will do

We’re an adventure travel company running our own skiing, trekking and mountain biking operations. Being a part of the GoMissing team will help you learn all these skills and also give you an opportunity to develop adventure sport and travel products in India and abroad.

You’ll get to cycle, trek and ski to begin with and then delve into other adventure sports and destinations across the world.


Your creative aspirations

We believe that every individual brings with them their creative ideas and aspirations and at GoMissing, you will get an outlet for your creativity. Be it in designing trips, exploring new areas of the world, design, communications or anything, we strive to help people achieve their creative aspirations.


Personal development

Travel, and especially adventure travel comes bundled with a journey into the self. At GoMissing you will get a chance to explore and find out about yourself and your personal aspirations.

Additionally, from time to time there will be workshops, photography walks, team outings and other activities which will not only enhance your skills, but will also be a lot of fun.


Job location

All jobs are based in Delhi/ NCR


Skills & attitude – for all job profiles, you must

  • Be willing to take initiative and take ownership of your work
  • Self driven
  • Be open to exploring other business areas like marketing, strategy, communications etc
  • Have a quest for excellence
  • Be open to learning – including, but not limited to information technology, photography, photo editing, video editing, trip designing, research
  • Be enthusiastic and energetic


Join the awesomeness

We’re currently looking for the following profiles for the company

  1. Digital marketing Executive – Full time (5-6 years experience including Digital Marketing experience)
    1. Paid advertising – Search Engine Marketing
    2. Handling social media channels – organic
    3. Content building
    4. Basic graphic design for advertising campaigns
  2. Sales Executive- Full time (3-4 years experience)
    1. Closing sales
    2. Understanding customer requirements
    3. Customer interactions
    4. Designing trips
    5. Building alliances with other companies
  3. Assistant trip designer – Full time (2-3 years work experience)
    1. Ensuring timely communication with customers
    2. Pre and post trip follow ups
    3. Ensuring that the house is in order
  4. SEO – part time/ freelance (2-3 years experience in SEO)

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