Everyone must travel!

Travel is that one thing that opens minds like nothing else. The sheer joy of experiencing something different, meeting people from different cultures, tasting different food, living the life of someone from a different part of the world, indulging in adventure and soaking in the new surroundings is sure to open anyone’s perspective.

Bringing people together

Come closer to people native to the area you’re visiting. Visit their home, understand their lifestyles and be a part of local customs and traditions on your GoMissing trips.


Every trip is an adventure

You’ll get to experience something new. Whether it is a cycling, trekking or skiing trip in the Himalayas, or searching for wildlife in the forests of Central India or North East India, rest assured that a fun adventure will never be far behind.


Local food

Every region in India offers unique cuisines. And on GoMissing trips, you’re going to savor delicious local cuisine of the area you’re visiting.

Nature & Wildlife

We love and respect nature & wildlife. On GoMissing trips, we ensure minimum impact to nature and wildlife and we strongly believe in conservation of flora & fauna.



While we love photography, but we ensure that our we don’t intrude. That said, you won’t miss out any photography opportunities on a GoMissing trip.


Stay and Accommodation

We understand the need for comfort and we choose the best stay options in the remotest of areas. We prefer stay options which are owned and operated by locals in the area, so that you can get the best feel of the place you’re exploring.