How about a short, sweet and fun weekend getaway from Delhi? What’s more, you don’t even need to take a day off from your busy schedule.

Experience the cool forest breeze of the mountains caress your face, breathing in the fresh fragrance of the forests, your eyes being soothed by the green of the trees & the blues of the skies and your aural senses delighted by chirping birds and the gurgling river flowing alongside.

Does this sound like something you’re longing for? Then why not join us over the weekend to experience all this and more. We promise you’ll finish the trip with a promise to yourself that you will return.

Tell me more…

On the trip, you’re going to cycle from Jalori pass, which is the highest point of the trip, to Bhuntar. The ride from Jalori pass to Aut is almost completely downhill on a paved road. The road for the first few kilometers from Jalori pass to Shoja is in bad state, but from there on, it is a good paved road.

From Aut to Bhuntar there is an elevation gain of about 200-300 meters overall. In other words, the road is a mild uphill and is easily ride-able for first time cyclists.

The first part of the ride is through a dense forest in the Seraj valley. Further down, you will ride alongside the Tirthan river and will have ample opportunities to stop by the river to enjoy the view and the water.

From Aut to Bhuntar, the ride will be alongside the Beas river.

For the entire duration, there will be a safety escort vehicle behind the group. In case you feel tired, you and your bike will get a lift in the escort vehicle.

At a Glance


Take the overnight Volvo bus from Delhi to Bhuntar. The HPTDC buses leave from Mandi house (Delhi) at 6:00 PM and arrive at Bhuntar around 6:00 AM.

Our team and vehicles will be waiting for you at Bhuntar. From Bhuntar, you will be driven to Tirthan valley which is about 50 km/ 2 hours away. Arrive at our campsite in time for breakfast. Post breakfast, you will head out for a guided hike.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

You will be driven up to the Jalori pass. After spending some time at the pass, you will get on to your mountain bikes and ride downhill all the way to Bhuntar. The ride distance is about 50 km and the ride is absolutely exhilarating.

After the ride, the group will depart for Delhi.

Meals included: Breakfast, packed lunch.


Trip Price

INR /- per person



  • Downhill rides sound easy, but you can easily attain speeds of 50+ kmph on a downhill ride. Be extra careful as there will be a steep valley/ river on one side and a solid mountain of rock on the other and there may be fast moving jeeps and/ or other vehicles just around a blind turn.
  • Absolutely DO NOT wear headphones while riding, you won’t be able to hear any approaching vehicles while riding. The wind whooshing by, the river, the forest and the birds anyways sounds way better than anything on a music player
  • Be prepared and you will have an absolutely incredible time. Carry energy bars/ dry fruit and share! And yes, we’ll carry a whole bunch of them, so every time you see the escort vehicle, stock up!
  • Make sure you’re adequately hydrated. Force yourself to drink a lot of water even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • Make sure you do not remove jackets immediately after rides. Your body temperature will fluctuate drastically and it may lead to fever, uneasiness and other random stuff which is totally avoidable
  • Apart from the rides mentioned in the itinerary, there will be a number of opportunities to ride/ hike at all the places where we will be staying.
  • After the trip, send us some love and share your pictures & videos!

P.S. If you think you’re not fit or have some hesitation in joining the trip, we assure you that you won’t be left alone struggling on your mountain bike. Your group leader and most members of the group will be around you and will motivate you to complete the difficult sections. Trust us, we run these rides every weekend!

Additionally, if you get really tired and don’t want to ride uphill on the tough sections, we’ll put you and your cycle on the escort vehicle and get you to the next destination. However, now it will be your turn to help other riders with motivation and nutrition!

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