By the time we reached Paro it was already late evening. While driving through the city to reach our hotel we caught a glimpse of the Paro Dzong and Museum. Both structures looked stunningly beautiful under the starlit sky and with artificial lighting.

As soon as we crossed, I knew I was going to come back in the next few minutes to take pictures of the place. Which is exactly what I did… as soon as we reached the hotel, checked in, had some tea etc, I was ready to go back.

A few minutes drive got me back to the same spot from where I had mentally framed the following shots…

Paro Dzong and Museum

Paro Dzong and Museum


Museum keeping an eye on the Dzong

The hotel we stayed at was quite small, however, it had a great feel good factor about it. From the moment we entered into the hotel to the time we left, everything was great. Cozy, neat (everything wooden) rooms, neat and clean loos, comfortable beds… just the kind of place I would want to stay after a long drive. : )