The best thing about coming back home after a long time is that suddenly parents want to pamper you. And pamper us, they did. With yummy aaloo parathas and kheer. I had been fantasizing about this for over a month, and finally 🙂

So we’re heading off for this big ass cycling trip. Out of the three of us, only one has his bike. Which also got repaired just in time!!

So anyways, of we go to the bike showroom and guess what Mike gets!!!!

Mike finds something his size

Mike finds something his size

so taking inspiration… this is what I get…

and Shrenik wouldnt be far behind now… would he?

Now finally, bikes… done, rain gear… done, aalo parathas… done. Just one last thing remains… a party with some close friends, so off we head to K’s place for the farewell party. Thanks K 🙂 had a lovely time…

Now that I am in the thanks mode, I HAVE to thank Ashish from my class at ISB. I don’t think I would have been half as ready without him lending me his bike for over a month, so I could train. Thanks dude, I owe you one 🙂