Monsoon is usually the time that one relates to staying indoors. But monsoons, when the water bodies are at their fullest and the lands at their greenest, provide an opportunity for a bunch of adventure sports which can make the rains much more exciting and fun. After unbearable and hot summers in most of the country, this is the time to trek and explore in the cool and pleasant weather.

The trekking trails become even more picturesque with swollen rivers, gushing waterfalls and lush green valleys, dotted with wildflowers in full bloom.

So here are some adventure activities you can take up these monsoons.


Waterfall Rappelling

In monsoons, waterfalls emanate at many places and the existing ones become even bigger. Rappelling is extremely exciting and adrenaline filled in itself, but rappelling down a waterfall takes it to another level. One can feel the gush of water while traversing down the falls. It may seem scary at first, but is one of the most thrilling activities you can undertake. This is best done with an adventure group with proper equipment and guidance.

Waterfall Rappelling activities are organised at:

Vihigaon falls, Kasara, Maharashtra

Malshej Ghat, Thane, Maharashtra

Coorg, Karnataka

Kimona Falls, Chakarata, Uttarakhand


White water rafting

White water rafting is an adventure sport which involves navigating down a river in an inflatable raft. This is usually done on rivers having rapids and has grades, ranging from one to six, depending upon the difficulty level. During monsoons all these rivers swell up with an increased flow and large volumes of water, making rafting on these waters even more exhilarating.

White Water Rafting

One can try out white water rafting at:

Kundalika River, Kolad, Maharashtra

Zanskar River, Ladakh

Kali River, Dandeli, Karnataka


Trekking in the Monsoons

After the scorching summers, the monsoons turn the valleys and hills lush green making it an excellent time to explore them. The rains make all these trails refreshing and soothing and are welcomed by nature lovers and trekkers. As one moves higher, the experience is akin to walking in the clouds. Although you may have already explored the trails but doing so in monsoons is an experience of it’s own.

There are countless places one can trek to, here are few of the popular destinations:

Shillong, Meghalaya

Lonavala, Maharashtra

Coorg, Karnataka

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu


Football in Rains

With the World cup going on, this is the best time to get into the spirit of the most watched sport in the world. And as the monsoons make their way into the country, what better way to relive your childhood than with a game of football in rains. Gather a few friends and let that inner child take over as you have a splash in the mud. Whether you know how to play or not, there will be no compromises in the fun quotient here.

Football in Rains

You can do this activity at any local ground!


Monsoon Camping

The monsoons means water logged roads, puddles and slush everywhere in the city, so much so that we have come to rue this amazing season. Monsoon camping is a novel way to get out of the city madness and head to the lush green outdoors. Get to camp among the hills, besides the lakes, experiencing the varied and dense foliage of the hills and the invigorating mountain air. All this makes monsoon camping an excellent opportunity for bird watchers and photography enthusiasts.

rainy camping

Monsoon camping can be done at:

Lonavala, Maharashtra

Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Coorg, Karnataka


Monsoon Cycling

Travelling in cars, buses and trains we miss out on experiencing the beauty of the monsoons, with light drizzle on the face, fresh air, chirping birds and the greenery all around. Cycling in the rains is a must try and doesn’t take any major efforts. The refreshing scenery and fresh air makes cycling in rains a rejuvenating affair.

Though, do keep in mind that cycles with disc brakes work better in the monsoons as compared to “V” brakes. If your cycle has “V” brakes, do get good quality brake pads to ensure a safe ride. Get your cycle serviced thoroughly before any such ride and use a wet lube for the monsoons to ensure that minimal dust and grime sticks to the cycle chain and gears.

Mountain biking in the rain

This activity can even be done in your local parks and roads. Just make sure you’re wearing proper gear while riding on public roads.


Travel to Cherrapunji

If you love monsoons and can’t get enough of the rains then what better destination than the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji. With it’s pristine beauty, the perpetual clouds, mists, huge waterfalls, lush green and dense forests, the amazing living root bridges, you will fall in love with this place.

Living Root Bridges

Living Root Bridges

NOhkalikai Falls;

Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls near Cherrapunji is the tallest plunge waterfall in the country. Another spectacular waterfall is the Nohsngithiang Falls, also called as the Seven Sisters falls, it is a seven segmented waterfall which flows only during the rainy season. These falls, with their surging waters during the monsoons, are a sight to behold.

When visiting Meghalaya, one should not forget to visit the village of Mawlynnong, which is said to be the ‘cleanest village in Asia’.


Travel to Spiti and Ladakh

If rains are not your cup of tea and you’re tired of the constant downpour and want to give the rains a miss, the cold desert regions of Ladakh and Spiti are a perfect destination. These regions receive no rainfall and are cold, barren deserts providing you with landscapes which are truly out of the world and something you may not have experienced before. The tall snow capped peaks surrounding these valleys portray the enormity of the Himalayas and is a belittling experience.


Dhankar village and monastery

Dhankar village and monastery – overlooking the confluence of Pin and Spiti rivers



What offbeat monsoon ideas would you add to the list? Do share in the comments.


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