Everybody loves a good hack! For the generation that looks for effective hacks for nearly everything, we at GoMissing decided to share some of our tested and tried travel hacks. These absolutely DESI hacks are desier than jugaad and masala chai! When we are getting all desi, it would be tad unfair to call hacks hack, right? Therefore, here are some Shudh Desi Keedas (bugs) just for you. Go ahead, enjoy them and beat our list with some of your ingenious ones!

We have kept the 10th Keeda blank just for our readers! Send Travel Hacks that make your trips awesome and we will feature it with an honorable mention to you!
1. Woh trip hi kya jisme butter paratha na ho!

Dhaba food in Punjab

Paratha with butter

Don’t plan a trip with final destination in mind. What makes the journey memorable are the pit stops…no, dhaba stops (remember we are giving desi hacks) in between. Find out all interesting eateries that you can stop at for hearty meal. Some of our favourites are Pahalwan Dhaba and Jhilmil Dhaba at Murthal Haryana on NH1, Mr Sanjay Dhaba on Srinagar Leh highway, Sunny da Dhaba on Old Mumbai-Pune highway, Hotel Ummiya Annapurna Kathiyawad-NH8 at Anand Gujrat. (Picture Source Wikipedia. “Dhabafood” by Gaganspidey – Own work.)

2. Toffee for Toll… spread the love
Don’t get upset when you get some candies instead of change because, toffee as change is absolutely acceptable at toll booths on several highways. In addition to giving you a sugar high and keeping your mouth fresh, it comes in very handy when you run out of change at toll booths, especially when given with a smile! We have tried it and it works!
3. Relaxo Chappal hai aaraam dayak

GoMissing recommends cool slippers for long drives

Look as cool as Katrina while travelling

Feet sweat in shoes, floaters may get wet and uncomfortable. On our travels Hawaii chappals come super handy, especially when we go on a long drive. The benefits of rubber chappals outnumber airy-fairy, cutting edge advantages of Nike’s and Reeboks. A quick rinse is all they require when you step into slush, they dry super quick, and nobody pinches them when you decide to visit a temple.
4. Goggles Goggles Goggles
Yes, we mean shades, sun glasses or protective eye wear. Invest in moderately priced (read cheap) sunglasses, because you wouldn’t want to feel bad if you leave them at a petrol pump or scratch them. Trust us when we say this….because at GoMissing the combined value of our lost sunglasses could have funded our walkathon across Gobi Desert.

5. Dupattas and Cushions
Always keep Dupattas and cushions in your cars. Dupattas tucked in the window pane act as wonderful sun screen and cushions are an absolute essential for neck, back, arm, head, bum support. Dupattas make good blankets, wipes, head scarves, they are good protection for your cameras in rains and so on.

6. Battery Banks/ GPS/ Chargers
Charge your devices before you start your journey. Charge your battery bank too! Get a car charger that goes into the lighter socket. Ensure your GPS device is activated and running. Ensure that data on roaming is activated….you wouldn’t want to be without access to instagram, facebook and twitter.

7. Plastic Bags and a packet of paper napkins
Keep a few plastic bags and a packet of napkins handy in your car. Collect wrappers, peanut shells, used tissues in the plastic bag and dispose responsibly. Plastic bags are superb protection for your devices/clothes against rain, dust and other elements

8. Playlist of course!
Invest time in collecting songs for your drive. Music makes driving so much fun!

9. Farsaan, Namkeen, fruits and eggs

boiled eggs for your road trip

Boiled eggs, bread and butter make for a quick lunch

Munchies are a must for travels. In addition to Khakra, Phapda, namkeen, keep boiled eggs, fruits, cucumbers, and a small pocket knife with you. For us bread slices with butter, and boiled eggs make great comfort food. We also keep a bottle of seasonings-salt pepper and chat masala all in one to make anything delectable.

10. Tell us your Travel Hacks

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