The budgets have been sanctioned, the team is in place and now you have to put the strategy to action. Since you want a high performing, motivated team, you task the best people in your team to plan a ‘happening’ team offsite. The team comes back with an agenda full of power point presentations, a session with a motivational speaker and a performance by a budding rockstar!

That’s a fairly standard formula, right? Would it work on your team? Do you think a sleep inducing indoor session will motivate your team, leave aside getting them refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated?

Here is our Five Point framework that will help you plan your corporate team offsite that will be memorable as it will be productive. Follow this framework and we bet you will have a charged team on hand! Only be ready to handle your fired up team!

  1. Plan Plan Plan
GoMissing_Plan a team offsite

Plan on climbing high mountains together

The success of any team off-site is largely determined by what happens before it convenes. Planning is the key! Define your objectives, choose your off-site planner with care, know their core capabilities, brief them well and get them to share complete itinerary and program. With active living as our core theme, we at GoMissing encourage our corporate customers to trust us in setting the outdoor agenda and team building activities. We engage our corporate customers early on in their planning process to custom design adventure based team program suiting the fitness levels of a given group. These programs build in key themes that the team wants to focus on like collaboration, cohesion, sportsmanship, results, leadership lessons and so on.

  1. Equip Your Team
Rafting on the Tons River

Prepare your team for collaboration, coordination and cohesion

How are you gearing up your team for the team offsite?  You definitely would prefer active involvement of your team in your vision, wouldn’t you? Design your off-site program around each team member, involve them, equip them for the program you have set out. Set expectations from the program and from the participants, so that you have a productive meet. At GoMissing organised programs, we champion fitness and good health for a successful corporate career. Whether it’s cycling, trek, skiing or mountaineering as the theme, we believe in training the teams so that they are prepared to challenge their limits and achieve what they thought was never possible. Recently a team of young designers from an architectural firm joined us on a cycling trail. Hesitant at first, the team aced cycling after a few rides. Last we hear that they have taken to cycling as a hobby so well that they still bond over weekend cycling trips.

  1. Set the Stage
Rainbow seen while driving through Spiti

No stage designer can match this!

No 5 Star hotel can beat the grandeur of Nature! Take your team to mountains or sea; expose them to the expanse of Himalayas, the might of Beas, Sutlej, Ganges or Kali, larger than life ocean scapes and set their minds thinking. There is no gimmickry here, no forced ‘Aha’ moments, no over the top wooden stage, no vinyl banners, no artificial lighting design…nature is awe inspiring in its unadulterated form.  Allow your teams to soak in some of this awesomeness and we can guarantee the results will be amazing. Leave larger than life projector screens, instead plan your business sessions atop a mountain, at a riverside restaurant, or on snow slope and see the difference.

  1. Build a New Muscle
At the Rohtang pass - Manali LEH MTB expedition

New muscles, new strategies help teams stay ahead

Oh that feeling of achievement! Few emotions can beat the feeling of success! Weave in some challenges, not just group challenges but challenges, where individuals have to push themselves. Let your team members win against a hardship, let them challenge their personal limits; let them overcome the inertia that binds them in shackles.

Last year we took a group of our corporate customers to Gulmarg on a skiing trip. New to the sport and hesitant at the start, this motley bunch of people challenged themselves and by the seventh day, they were gliding over slopes effortlessly. Incorporate some challenges, allow your team to use a new muscle, we can guarantee, it will have lasting effect on engagement as well as their problem solving ability.

  1. Bond Over a Bonfire

GoMissing Bonfire_Teams bond over bonfireWhile most of your team members would prefer to congregate close to beer counter, let us assure you, bonding becomes better if beer happened over a bonfire! Bonfire fires up imagination & confidence and no sooner than later, talents start emerging and choruses ensue. Out comes a guitar and before you know it, a musical band is formed! So much better than a seedy bar counter, right!

If you would like some ideas to get your team spring into action, call GoMissing and we will plan an offsite for you that will be as memorable as it will be productive.

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