More pictures from Thimpu…

Thimpu Valley as seen from the radio tower up on the hill

Thimpu Valley

Thimpu Dzong as seen from the hill. The picture has been post processed to get the old picture look…

Thimpu Dzong

Colorful prayer flags line up the road leading to the Thimpu Dzong. The Dzong is a Bhutanese fort divided into two parts, the Religious and the Administrative (political). Religion has a big influence on the Bhutanese way of life, and is an integral part of policy making and government working.

Road leading to Thimpu

Vibrant colors of the prayer flags

Prayer flags on the road to Thimpu

Thimpu Dzong… Bhutanese architecture is special. Each new building that gets constructed needs approval from a government body and it must follow certain architectural and design norms to ensure consistent look across the country… uniquely Bhutan

Thimpu Dzong

The proud clock tower at Thimpu main Square… the sky adding to the effect and contrasting with the colors of the clock tower

Clock Tower - Thimpu Downtown

Masks – an integral part of Bhutanese culture. They’e used in masked dances of religious festivals called Tsechu (meaning Day ten). The Tsechu is an annual festival held in every district (Dzongkhag) of Bhutan in the month of October. The Tsechu is a social gathering and is a meeting and socializing point for people staying in remote areas of Bhutan. The main attraction of the Tsechu festival is the Cham (Masked dances) spanning time and geography of Bhutan. The Cham dances depict the life and times of Padmasambhava and other saints.

Bhutanese Mask

Bhutanese Mask

Bhutanese Mask

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