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This secluded cold desert in the Himalayas will make you feel like you have been transported to a different world in a different era.

GoMissing Expeditions invites you to explore this cold barren splendor known as Spiti and be amazed at the landscape, the peaceful people and the incredible experience.

Why you will love it

The Scenery – The scenery will leave you completely breathless. You wouldn’t have come across something so beautiful in a LONG LONG time.

The drives – LONG drives get a whole new meaning. You’ll love looking out of the car window and you’ll keep wanting to stop everywhere to click those gorgeous landscape pictures.

The villages – Populations ranging from 20 to 100 people. Everyone you will meet will welcome you with open arms.

The mummy at Gyu (Giu) – Said to be a lama in meditation. He has been meditating for thousands of years. It may be a lot of myth and legend, but when you see it, you will think!

Tabo monastery – Over a 1000 years old and one of the most important monasteries in the area. You’ll love walking in the monasteries and seeing those intricately designed frescos adorning the walls of the monastery.

Dhankar lake – At an altitude of over 4000 meters. So calm and serene that you can hear the grass grow. Oh and did we mention, the scenery is simply spectacular. You’ll see reflections of the highest mountains in the area.

Chandrataal – You will camp near the lake, and you won’t stop saying words like awesome, incredible, wow.

These are just a few, and we could go on. But you need to visit this place for truly experiencing Spiti in all her glory.


At a glance



Arrive in Manali and relax for the day. Overnight at Manali

The drive through Rohtang pass and Kunzum pass is simply surreal. All along the drive you will get to see high snow covered mountains, barren terrain and spectacular rivers.

Distance: 200 km

Drive time: 10-11 hours

Overnight at Kaza

After breakfast, you will leave for Tabo and Giu. First, you will visit the Tabo Monastery. The ancient monastery is a beautiful old mud building and has thousands of years old paintings on the inner walls.

After that, you will visit Giu to see the centuries old mummy.

Overnight at Kaza.

Dhankar monastery is one of the 5 significant monasteries of Spiti. To visit the monastery, you will take a diversion from the main highway and drive up to Dhankar village.

After visiting the Dhankar monastery, you will hike to the spectacular Dhankar lake which is reached after a 1.5 hour hike. The lake is at an altitude of about 4000 meters and shows the reflection of some of the highest peaks in the area. The area truly epitomizes the phrase “it is so silent that you can hear the grass grow”.

Overnight at Kaza

Visit the vibrant markets of Kaza, or sit and chill at one of the numerous cafes in Kaza for some delicious international cuisines.

Overnight at Kaza

Komic is the highest motorable village in Asia. The route to Komic will leave you speechless. The vast barren terrains, spectacular snow covered mountains, tiny villages with prayer flags fluttering around them. A sight that will get imprinted in your mind forever.

Langza – Numerous remains of fishes and sea creatures have been found in this area. This proves that the Himalayas rose from the seas. For this reason, Langza is known as the fossil park.

Ki monastery – Located at the top of a hill at over 4000 meters, the Ki monastery is the biggest in Spiti. The monastery houses over 250 monks and is a significant monastery of the Gelugpa sect.

Overnight at Kaza

Early morning, you will proceed towards “civilization”, but not before spending another night in the wilderness close to Chandrataal. After crossing the Kunzum Pass, you will take the diversion from batal towards Chandrataal.

After reaching, your group leader will take you to the Chandrataal lake. Enjoy the gorgeous surroundings near the lake and come back in time for some hot evening snacks. You will camp close to the lake for the night.

Early in the morning, you will check out from the campsite and drive back to Manali. The drive is about 6-7 hours long and will go across the Rohtang pass.

Overnight in a hotel at Manali

Trip ends


Trip Price

INR 29,500/- per person (Ex Manali)


Be prepared for

  • Cold weather conditions
  • Windy and cold weather conditions during camping at Chandrataal
  • Desert terrains
  • Long drives in the mountains (one of which will be around 10-11 hours)
  • Very remote areas with minimal connectivity
  • Spectacular scenery
  • A trip of a lifetime
  • You will be required to sign a liability waiver
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