Cycle your way through some beautiful, scarcely populated villages situated at 1,700 metre+ altitude.

If you’ve never experienced what it’s like to cycle up and down those curvaceous mountain roads, then this is it… GoMissing invites you to cycle your way through some beautiful, scarcely populated villages situated at 1,700 metre+ altitude. Enjoy the uninterrupted view of mountains surrounding you, the tiny hamlets you’ve left behind and, of course, the fact that you’re actually cycling in the mountains


At a Glance



At 4 AM, our vehicle will pick you up from Haridwar and bring you to a beautiful mud resort built on the banks of the Alaknanda River, Rudraprayag.

After breakfast, we’ll leave for Bina – a tiny village close to Rudraprayag. It takes less than half an hour in the car to reach Bina which is the starting point of our first cycling trail. Your cycles will be here, so just get on them and enjoy the uphill ride for the next 24 kms. At Kodima, we’ll all have lunch and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. After spending some time at Kodima, we’ll take the same route back to Bina.

Ride distance: 24 km uphill, 24 km downhill.

Okay, don’t be scared, if you don’t want the workout, we’ll take your cycles up to Kodima from where you can ride all the way downhill to Rudraprayag.

So you will have two options today. Either you can trek up to the Chandrashila peak with our team members or you can simply laze around in the meadows at the campsite in Chopta. Plenty of fresh air, clean water and some delicious meals are on the cards today.

In the evening, we will ride/ drive up to the sunset point and click some pictures in the area.

Overnight camping

Today you’ll take a break from riding and get pampered at the retreat in Shoja. Optionally, if you feel like doing something, you can head out for a hike to Serlosar lake or into the meadows with a packed lunch. We’ll plan the day according to what the group decides.

Overnight: Shoja

Accomodation: Luxury retreat

Lots of downhill cycling, lots of incredible sights and no effort whatsoever – that’s what this day has in store for you. Today we’ll be riding downhill for over 30 km and trust us it’s a lot of fun. At Kund, we’ll get into the car for Haridwar.

Trip ends


Trip Price

INR /- per person


Mountain bike hire – if you need one for the trip, do let us know and we’ll bring one of our MTBs for you for the trip. Charges for the same are INR 500 per day per bike


  • You need to have good physical fitness to truly enjoy the ride
  • You must be mentally prepared to undertake a 5-6 hour mountain drive (Haridwar to Rudraprayag) and another 6-7 hours drive from Ukhimath to Haridwar
  • Downhill rides sound easy, but you can easily attain speeds of 50+ kmph on a downhill ride. Be extra careful as there will be a steep valley/ river on one side and a solid mountain of rock on the other and there may be fast moving jeeps and/ or other vehicles just around a blind turn
  • Absolutely DO NOT wear headphones while riding, you won’t be able to hear any approaching vehicles while riding. The wind wooshing by, the river, the forest and the birds anyways sounds way better than anything on a music player
  • Even 20 km long uphill rides can sap out your energy. Be prepared and you will have an absolutely incredible time. Carry energy bars/ dry fruit and share! And yes, we’ll carry a whole bunch of them, so every time you see the escort vehicle, stock up!
  • Make sure you’re adequately hydrated. Force yourself to drink a lot of water even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • Make sure you do not remove jackets immediately after rides. Your body temperature will fluctuate drastically and it may lead to fever, uneasiness and other random stuff which is totally avoidable
  • Apart from the rides mentioned in the itinerary, there will be a number of opportunities to ride/ hike at all the places where we will be staying.
  • In case of landslides or unexpected circumstances, there may be a change in the itinerary and a consequent rise in cost (this will be on actual)
  • You will be required to sign a liability waiver
  • After the trip, send us some love and share your pictures & videos!

P.S. If you think you’re not fit or have some hesitation in joining the trip, we assure you that you won’t be left alone struggling on your mountain bike. Your group leader and most members of the group will be around you and will motivate you to complete the difficult sections. Trust us, we run these rides every weekend!

Additionally, if you get really tired and don’t want to ride uphill on the tough sections, we’ll put you and your cycle on the escort vehicle and get you to the next destination. However, now it will be your turn to help other riders with motivation and nutrition!

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