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For centuries, Himachal has attracted religious souls, scholars, voyagers and spirited adventure lovers from the Indian sub continent, Central Asia, China and Tibet. Steeped in Indian history, mythology and geology, Himachal has many mystical trails and we are taking you to one that has amazing legends surrounding it.
We are taking you to Beas Kund, a beautiful glacial lake nestled 14,308 ft above the sea level 🙂 . Under the gaze of Ladakhi, Shitidhar and Friendship Peaks, it is here that the mighty river Beas originates from.
Legend has that ancient sage Rishi Vyas bathed and meditated by this lake and his presence and blessings energized the pool from where River Beas emerged. Flowing for aeons, the Beas has not only fed the northern lands of Himachal and Punjab, it also changed the course of history for Indian subcontinent. Its surging force in 326 BCE stopped the raging army of Alexander the Great from conquering India.
If the legends and stories around the trek are interesting, the trek is mind blowing! Winding through Old Manali, we camp at Solang Nallah, a popular place where adventure tourists congregate for skiing, paragliding and bouldering. The trek to Beas Kund offers spectacular views of Hanuman Tibba and the Seven Sisters peaks. Beas Kund area is usually covered under snow around November so it’s a spectacular sight to behold! This is an enjoyable and easy going trek for any age group Beas Kund is base camp for climbing Ladakhi, Shitidhar and Friendship Peaks.
On the trip you will be accompanied by Chief Experience Officer, who will lead the tour.

Like all our trips, this one also is a fully supported all inclusive trek and includes Mules and porters for your luggage too!

What’s more,world class sleeping arrangements will ensure that you have the best wilderness camping experience during the trek.

All our trips are led by a team of cumulative experience of 20 years in the field.

At a glance


We begin our four hour trek through Old Manali, where we have a brief stop-over at the ancient Manu Temple. We walk through beautiful apple orchards and gradually ascend to villages Goshal, Sannag and Burua that give us fascinating view into pastoral lives. From here, we follow a rocky trail that takes us to the bouldering hub of Solang Nallah. During the trek we cross some mountain streams on foot and that’s a wonderful experience. We pitch our tents at this vibrant place where adventure enthusiasts from around the world camp.

Overnight at Solang nallah

On the second day, we walk on the right of river Beas through forests of oak, fir and walnut. Enroute to Bakkar Thach, we get glimpses of the DeoT ibba (6001m), Indrasan Peak (6221 m) and Hanuman Tibba (5990 m). A gradual ascend takes us to Bakkar Thach, a high altitude shepherd field.

We cross the verdant meadow greens and follow a trail through boulders and rocks up to Beas Kund. We spend some time at Beas Kund, soak in the surroundings where climbers to Ladakhi, Shitidhar and Freiendship peaks camp. We pay homage to the venerated sage Vyas at a temple dedicated to him and soon it’s time to head back to Bakkar Thach.

We trek back to Solang Nallah, from where GoMissing jeep will pick us up and take you back to Manali.

Trip ends in Manali.

Go through the trip details and reach out to us with your queries about the trip. We would be happy to help you!

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Be prepared for

  • 4-6 hours of trekking each day (easy)
  • Days are expected to be pleasant with bright sunshine, however, nights will be cold. There are chances of rain in this area, so be adequately prepared (Rain suit, poncho).Adhere to the packing list and you will be all right!
  • Unexpected weather conditions and patterns. In case of any unexpected weather, we might need to turn back
  • In case of landslides or unexpected circumstances, there may be a change in the itinerary and a consequent rise in costs (this will be on actual)
  • You will be required to sign a liability waiver
  • Moderate grade treks require a level of physical fitness. That said, you need to have basic fitness levels to walk at the altitudes and for the durations mentioned. A prior experience of an easy trek, though not mandatory, will help.
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