Have you ever thought that your nagging headache/ mood swing could be stress related?  Stress pops its ugly head and sneaks up on us in many ways. Most times we may not even realize that it’s stress we are battling. Before we can pin the cause, stress manifests in numerous emotional and physical symptoms causing discomfort, disturbing the immune system and making us susceptible to infections, viruses and other deadly diseases. Add to that, it makes us cranky, irritable, temperamental and a lousy company! Ouch!
So how do we combat stress?
Numerous studies have linked a happy mind to a healthy body. At GoMissing we firmly believe that recreational fitness activities, a regime that combines fitness goals with leisure are a more wholesome way to achieving fitness than building muscles in the confines of an air conditioned gymnasium. Fresh air, a bit of sun, plentiful exercise, nature’s expanse and good company, that’s the recommended GoMissing recipe to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Today the world is observing the World Mental Health Day, a WHO initiative to raise  awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.Today is perhaps the perfect opportunity to spare a thought for our mental well being.  Here are some GoMissing art of unwinding Mantras to strike off that stress.

Take a Break! Go on a vacation
World Mental Health Day
A  healthy body goes far in creating a healthy mind. As does some fun, laughter, de-stress time and excitement. Schedule some active vacations. If magnificent mountain views, lush green landscapes, sounds of nature appeal to you, go on a trek or explore the many quaint towns and villages of Garhwal, Himachal Pradesh on a mountain bike. Seek advice of Adventure travel specialists to help you choose the activity that’s right for your fitness levels. Choose from Easy and Moderate grade treks, get a few friends to join you and you have a memorable vacation to keep you fresh and charged for a long time.

Get fit

World Mental Health Day

Recreational fitness regimes are about having some fun as you work out. For some, dancing does the trick, for others being outdoors is rejuvenating. Whatever works for you,  try to incorporate the activity in your schedules. Sign up for a Zumba class, plan cycle trips or a weekend trek. Of late, cycling, as an activity has really picked. It’s easy, its green, and we can tell you, an addictive sport which will shape your health and body like you wouldn’t believe. Join a cycling group or create your own and go  exploring your city. Chances are you will discover areas and trails and landscapes you didn’t know  existed in your city. Check out some of the trails we regularly ride on in National Capital Region. If you are from Delhi, you would love the 10 Cycling hotspots, we have curated for you. If you are hesitant and don’t  want to invest in a high end machine, join any of our training weekend rides and develop your fondness for the sport on our cycles.

Get a Hobby

Mental Health Day

Hobbies are often the best de-stress pills.  Pick a hobby, pursue it with passion, nurture and hone it  Many GoMissing travelers are passionate collectors of arts and handicrafts. They will spend hours at flea markets, art stores, artisan villages to find a piece with a history. They will want to know how an artwork is created, where did the artisans pick the skill from, what makes that art form unique and so on. They will proudly display their collections and will have fascinating stories to narrate.

Learning a Sport is a great stress buster too.  Make time to learn that sport you did not get time to pursue after high school. Make time to pick up a new sport, one that you thought was not meant for you. We have marvelous reactions from people who try skiing with us at Gulmarg. Hesitant at first, our ski beginners  soon master their moves on the powder. The glow from having learnt something new, that sense of achievement is incomparable.

Spend Time with your friends and family

World Mental Health DayHolidays are often the best occasions to really bond with  family, children, nieces and nephews. Uninterrupted time, away from distractions like TV and incessant chatting over devices, makes for a good opportunity to engage closely. Conversations as you walk in the silent beautiful lanes and chats amidst the quiet of a crackling bonfire renews old bonds and leave you with a sense of warmth you cherish and recall for years to come. It is these bonds that fill up our lives and gaps in us and make life worthy and happy.

On this World Mental Health Day, resolve to bust the stress before it gets to you.

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