Finally after several cancelled plans, we made our way to Sultanpur lake one early morning.

A 5:15AM wake up call telling me that the day is clear and there is no fog was enough to make me jump out of bed and out of the house in record time.

A super excited (and fast) drive got me to my friends place, from where we started driving to Sultanpur lake in Haryana. As the city kept disappearing in the rear view mirror, the blanket of fog in the open grassland started getting thicker and thicker. By now we had figured that this was going to be a futile trip.

Nevertheless, the brave explorers forged ahead (turning back isn’t in our vocabulary). Did I mention there is a very fine line between brave and daft?

Bird watching wise, the day was looking pretty bleak. But spirits soon rose as we came across a bunch of cartoon characters and heard the most insanely funny conversation at the ticket window. Its one of those “you had to be there to enjoy it kind of things” so I won’t write that here.

The lake was covered in a thick blanket of fog and any kind of bird watching was pretty much impossible. For that matter any kind of watching was impossible. Visibility was something like 15 ft and beyond that you could see only ghosts.

Nevertheless, the bunch of us kept walking around and hoping that the fog would lift. Though to be fair, the early morning walk in a thick blanket of fog by the lake was quite nice.

At this point, we decided to walk over to a particularly good bird watching spot and hope that the fog would be gone soon and we would see some birds.

By around 8:30 our patience was rewarded and the fog started lifting, but by then more people starting converging to our spot and most of the water birds had moved towards the center of the lake.
We stayed at the spot for a little while and then decided to go for a walk around the place and see if we could get some shots from other locations…

…the few pictures that I did click are…

The walk at Sultanpur

The walk at Sultanpur lake

Sultanpur bird park

Need to identify this one

Dew drops on a spider web

Dew drops on a spider web

A little while later the sun started getting higher and the birds further. Finally, we decided to call it a day and head home for some nice breakfast (with a resolve to be back on a better day)…