A recent power failure in the afternoon forced me to shut shop, and walk around on the terrace with my camera.

The reason for the “terrace walk” with the camera was a bunch of Coppersmith Barbets that I had seen lolling around and hogging in the huge Banyan tree overlooking my terrace. This Banyan tree is home to some 3-4 species of birds. On most days, I can see a bunch of Bulbuls, Purple Sunbirds, and some tiny warblers. Occasionally, the Oriental white eye and the common tailor bird make a guest appearance and all of them have one big party around the place.

The Coppersmith Barbets had already made my day by posing (and doing endless antics) for my camera when this gorgeous Grey Hornbill joined the party. As all page 3 personalities, this one had its share of attitude and I could almost hear it telling me to hurry up as it had other appointments to keep. But to be fair, this Hornbill was quite the model. It sat around, gave a few great poses, and then disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

At one time a common sight in the forests of Delhi, the Grey Hornbill has become a much rarer sight owing to rising pollution and loss of habitat.

The Grey Hornbill

A recent visitor... the Grey Hornbill

the grey hornbill

Hurry up and click!! I haven't got all day!

Wish it would visit regularly.