Perched on a wire, a 11inch long shadow of black can spell doom for the little unaware insects and grasshoppers flying in the vicinity. The Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a small passerine bird which feeds primarily on flying insects & grasshoppers which they catch in mid flight.

They may be smaller than a lot of birds of prey, but as they say, size doesn’t matter. The Black Drongo  is known to be quite an aggressive bird and is frequently seen chasing away much bigger birds of prey. Often one can see black drongos dive bombing larger birds if they invade its territory. Nature and her fantastic creations has also created an amazing ecosystem, in which smaller birds nest in the safe territory of a nesting black drongo.

Commonly known as the King Crow, the Black Drongo was earlier considered a sub-species of the African fork tailed drongo, but is now considered a species of its own. In bright sunlight, the black often glows and shows glossy shades of deep purple bordering on black.

The Black Drongo

The Black Drongo - with a background which looks like a painting