These pictures were clicked in the thickly forested Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. The entire area is one non-ending forest. Our visit was during (or just after) the monsoons, and thanks to the rains, the entire area looked freshly washed and cleaned. While the rains made the forest cover look all beautiful, it also made all the wildlife disappear.

The only animal sighting that we had was of the fluffy soft toy like creature known as the Giant Malabar Squirrel.
One little rustle in the trees was enough for all photographers in the group to surround the trees and get busy with our cameras.

The Giant Malabar squirrel (Ratufa Indica) is a tree dwelling creature endemic to India. The animal is primarily active during the early hours of the day and in the evening and rests during the day time. They’re generally shy creatures and dwell in the upper tree canopy and are able to jump up to 20ft from tree to tree  in search for food. They have an interesting behavior when threatened by their predators (Leopards and birds of prey); they flatten themselves and stick to tree branches instead of fleeing.

Pictured here are a few of these beautiful creatures enjoying their breakfast.

Giant malabar squirrel

As long as you don't disturb my lunch, I don't care about your clicking

Giant malabar squirrel


Giant malabar squirrel

the Giant malabar squirrel with its soft bushy tail busy eating