The 6 of us arrived at Bagdogra in 4 different flights. Two of us were the first to arrive there and we kept wondering if the others are going to manage their connecting flights.

While this discussion was going on, I was happily sipping beer at the Bagdogra airport (yes they serve it at the canteen there). Beer in hand means my concern was limited to “well, we’ll wait for a bit (till the beer runs out), and then move on, the rest can figure out how to join us”.

Everyone did manage to get their connecting flights, and soon enough all of us were at the canteen.
After the initial round of introductions and a bit of food, we were met by our guide for our journey through the Kingdom in the Clouds – Bhutan.

By about 3:30PM we were on our way from Bagdogra to Phuntsholing. The drive through the forested area was quite pleasant and we stopped at a few places for some clicking and tea.

The Bhutan and Indian government runs buses from Bagdogra to Phuntsholing, so getting there isn’t really an issue. In addition to govt run buses, there are numerous pvt buses and taxi operators who can ferry you across from Bagdogra to Phuntsholing.


Erosion making faces

Erosion making faces

Coronation bridge - River Teesta in West Bengal

Coronation bridge – River Teesta in West Bengal