International classification of ski slopes

Slopes classification for Skiing

Slopes classification for Skiing

Gulmarg offers all levels of slopes as classified internationally.

The green circle slopes which are serviced by a drag lift lift are ideal for beginners taking their first steps into this fascinating sport. Beginner level snowboarders can use these slopes, however the lifts are not ideally suited for snowboarding.

Blue square slopes – A cable car (Gondola) takes the skier up to phase 1 and offers them a 3.5 to 4 km run to base station. These slopes are usually groomed and are ideal for people who have picked up the basics of skiing.

Black diamond – are at the phase 2 of the cable car (gondola) and the chair lift from phase 1 to Mary’s shoulder.

Double black diamond – numerous backcountry runs starting from phase 2 have ungroomed slopes and can offer serious challenge to the advanced skiers.

Skiers can also take the Gulmarg to Tangmarg run (12-14 km long) and numerous other runs like the Drang valley run for some thrilling slopes, ridges and bowls.

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