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Enjoy Skiing with Your Family

Let everyone and everything serve as a motivation for learning something new in life.

If you are a family who is into adventure activities, then this page is definitely for you guys.

But if you’ve given up on doing new things, learning new activities and stretching your limits – then you’re most definitely on the right page. And do not leave! It is for all of you out there that we have designed this page, so that we can quell your doubts and make you do something awesome.


At a Glance

  • Safety: All of you will be assigned one instructor each. He will be with you from the time you would put on ski boots on, till the time you take them off.
  • We have ski equipment for adults as well as children, so your kids, too, will be busy on the slopes. So neither you, nor your spouse needs to worry about them.
  • Warm clothing for children & adults – If you have’nt already packed warm clothes, we’ll help you hire warm clothing (jackets, lowers, socks, rubber boots) in Gulmarg. Rest assured that you will be warm at the slopes.
  • After the first couple of days, we will ensure that all of you start skiing down the slopes together and create some memorable family moments in Gulmarg.
  • Not just skiing, we will make you do a number of other fun activities on the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg including zorbing and ski-scooter rides.
  • And finally – yes, we know that time is a big constraint for all of you out there. So we’ll take care of all the logistics, etc. in advance. You just have to work your butt off to learn skiing.
It was a charming old place where we stayed. We had a good training by a team of experts and by 3rd day me and my kids were skiing comfortably. I would highly recommend GoMissing to my friends for the simple reason that this team has great local partners, the instructors and guides all are very nice. And it was particularly nice that the organizers were constantly in touch with us to ensure our comfort and convenience, when we had rescheduling of flights.
Nandita, Product Manager with an IT company
What an incredible trip Gulmarg was! A very rich soulful experience. Never thought skiing would be so challenging, and so much fun! Have tried to capture a glimpse of my experience in an album on my page called ‘Postcards from Paradise’.
Thanks to your entire team for making this a dream come true for me! Would love to Go Missing again, soon!
Priya, Mumbai


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Choose your trip duration (we advise a minimum 5 days trip) and your type of accommodation for the trip. Get in touch with the GoMissing team for the best advice for the skiing trip.

To book a skiing trip for your family, email us at info@gomissing.in or simply click on the button below and get in touch with us today.