There I was… walking the streets of Pushkar (during the camel fair) mostly minding my own business, when I came across her.

For a couple of minutes I continued walking and chatting with my friends after which I realized what that bright, colorful and gorgeous image was that went past.

As I turned, I saw her walking in the distance and I knew I wanted to click her. Deciding that I wouldn’t like being beaten up in a busy market, I pulled Mani along as my safety net. By this time, Mani had decided that I was crazy and decided to come along just to see me getting beaten up.

By the time I caught up with her, she had walked some distance ahead. Her carefree confidence was quite evident in her walk and her interaction with her friends. As I called out to her, she turned and said yes and smiled. Her smile was innocent yet flirtatious; her eyes had a twinkle which said “I know I’ve got you awestruck”. Her expression was both beautiful and charismatic and her voice added to her charming demeanor.

I do wish I had clicked a few more pictures of her. The only one I clicked is this.

The enchantress - Pushkar camel mela

The enchantress