With the start of Skiing season, GoMissing will have a base in Gulmarg to oversee skiing courses and customized programs. As skiing season hots up, in addition to getting your ski gear in order, its important to refresh your skiing knowledge.  For all those planning to include skiing in their active lifestyle repertoire, here is series of posts that will help you refresh your skiing knowledge, orient you to some skiing jargons that will give you an edge in those fabulous ‘After- Ski’ parties that are the highlight of this lifestyle sport.

While this post spruces up your skiing vocabulary, watch out for our next post that will introduce you to various ski types and ski gear. Get ready for a fantastic skiing season. Join our hugely successful Skiing Courses for Beginner /Intermediate levels for private groups and corporatesour Powder & Back Country skiing, Customized Skiing Trips for families; and other winter snow sports like Zorbing, ice skating, heli skiing in Gulmarg, in addition to our exclusive snow leopard tours in Ladakh.

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Apres- Ski: refers to the night life after a day of skiing. This is the time to socialize – drinking, shopping, eating out, etc.

Avalanche: Is a condition when huge masses of Snow slide down a slope. This is one of the major dangers during winter. Gulmarg has an ‘avalanche control area’, patrolled and safe for beginners and intermediates. Rest is an amazing stretch of back country.

Balaclava: A facemask that covers the entire face except for the eyes, key when facing strong winds or snow

Bunny Slope: A gently sloping hill on a ski area, where beginners and novices are taught how to ski.

Piste –  French word for ‘trail’. Its beaten snow, usually in a specified trail area meant for the beginner and intermediate level

Off Piste – All the area that is not piste is off piste. Which means varied kind of snow- powdery or set. Off piste is the wide snow territory for the advanced skier.     

Back-country skiing, a term used in US for ‘off-piste’ or out-of-area, is skiing in the backcountry on unmarked or unpatrolled areas either inside or outside a ski resort’s boundaries. This contrasts with alpine skiing (Downhill skiing) which is typically done on groomed trails benefiting from a ski patrol.

Crosscountry skiing, or Nordic Skiing is travel on skis over snow-covered terrain, whereby skiers rely on their own locomotion rather than on ski lifts or other forms of assistance. It is what you can do if you want more peaceful and cost-effective mode of exploring backcountry wilderness.

Powder: This refers to freshly fallen, soft snow. Deep powder, not yet skied on is the most coveted type of snow for skiing.

Chowder: Yes, there is a word like that too! Chowder is fresh powder that has been rained on so it it is crappy snow sometimes resulting in chowder soup consistency hence, ‘Chowder’.

Resort–  Used to refer to the snow area delineated for ski activity. It would have safety standards and patrolling.

Ski Slope Classifications: The grading of pistes (or trails) is differentiated by colors and shapes. Gulmarg offers all levels of slopes as classified internationally. The green circle slopes are serviced by a drag lift and are ideal for beginners taking their first steps into this fascinating sport. Check GoMissing post of Ski Slope Classification.

Skins–  Skins are strips to be attached on the bottom of the Ski to help in climbing back country areas. They are to be removed while Skiing down.

Side-cut radius-  The inward cut on the side of the ski, seen as part of the big circle. Hence the ‘radius’.

Side Cut Radius Image credit: www.yourskicoach.com

Side Cut Radius
Image credit: www.yourskicoach.com

Turn radius– The side-cut radius of the Ski determines its turn radius. The deeper the cut i.e. a shorter side-cut radius would allow a shorter turn radius, so increased manoeuvrability and agility. While a larger side cut radius would mean larger turn circles but increased stability.

Shovel– The broad front area of the Ski bowling up like a shovel, to prevent the ski from dipping in the snow.

Camber- An arched rise by the side curve which further enhances float and also gives energy or pop while releasing turns.

Rocker– A raised front or/and tail of the Ski to help float.

Float determining Rocker and Camber  Image credit :www.stellarjae.com

Float determining Rocker and Camber
Image credit :www.stellarjae.com


Now that you have updated your ski vocabulary, its time for some action! Book this season’s Skiing adventure with GoMissing Skiing.

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