The greatest boon travelling with hundreds of adventure junkies all through the year across our Skiing, Cycling and Trekking expeditions is that we meet many endearing people with enchanting travel styles.

For the hugely driven and motivated adventurers, reaching the goal is sacrosanct, for others the experience, the journey takes precedence. Some highly technical adventurers play the sport by book of techniques and then there are others who play by the ear and get the hang in some time. Some travelers are ace photographers and surprise you with their tenacity to lug their heavy cameras on expeditions.

GoMissing Adventurers leave an indelible mark on our memories of their unique personality traits! Here’s a list dedicated to some of our favorite traveler types. These guys and gals are inspiring, fun and our friends for life!

Enjoy the read!

  1. Let’s do it Adventurer

Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious! You want to experience everything and see everything that the world has to offer.  Your life is one big adventure and you can be seen planning your next big trip adventure even before the current one has ended. Your bucket list is inspirational and has things to do and places to see that even the seasoned traveler would not have heard of! You are all editions of Lonely Planet rolled into one.

  1. Fitness Guru

You are a mean machine and wouldn’t miss your workout come rain, hail, sun or storm. Even after a rigorous trek, you are up earlier than the morning star to go for that walk/run. You are not a gym body, you have acquired the stamina and strength outdoors and not by lifting dumb bells in air conditioned gyms. On cycling expeditions and treks, you are surrounded by newbies soaking in tips from the fitness master himself.

  1. The Ultimate survivor and wild life encyclopedia

You are that perfect combination of Bear Gryllis and Sir Richard Attenborough. You can create fire with just a handful of twigs, you know birds from their calls, you see a bird nest and you can tell which bird it belongs to. You know why cicadas sing, you call plants by their botanical names, you can predict which way the wind will blow and when will it rain. You are simply the best person to hang out with in wilderness.

  1. Yogi Adventurer

You are a yogi first. Adventure, beating the odds, challenging your limits are all a form of penance for you. Nature inspires you and at times brings out a flood of emotions that you thought you were incapable of. While everybody else would be letting their hair down and partying, you may be found looking towards infinity figuring the higher purpose assigned to human race. You are wise, sensitive and an exceptional human being and you have an army of followers who will listen to your perspectives in life with rapt attention.

  1. Man/Woman on a Mission

You are just the sort of person we like to go with on a difficult mission! You are driven, motivated and focused on the goal. You inspire others with your single minded dedication to complete the mission, however tiring and difficult it may be. You will use all kinds of tactics to nudge fellow adventurers into action. “The summit is just left to that tree”, “Think of the amazing landscape you will get to shoot and light would be perfect!”, “ Pakode and chai milegi, tum chalo to sahi”….you have just the perfect carrot to get people on the move!



  1. Foodie Adventurer

You are an out and out foodie. You have all dhabas mapped in your mind and your inbuilt GPS will flash “15 km to the best tandoori chicken” when you are cycling. Very few people can beat your culinary knowledge. Your life is one big gastronomic adventure and we are sure that book on molecular gastronomy will happen. Like any foodie, you are not only fond of eating but throwing lavish foody do’s! The good times never end, when you are around.


  1. DSLR Adventurer
Himalayan Marmot on GoMissing Adventure

Himalayan Marmot caught by Saurabh

Your camera equipment forms your luggage and you guard those beauties as someone would guard their beloved. You go to extreme lengths to get the right frame and while fellow travelers stop for a breath, you stop to change your lens. You look at landscapes differently and if someone were to look into your eyes closely, they can almost see how the scene would look after you have shot it. Even on difficult terrain, you will lovingly carry your tripod and other paraphernalia! Only one situation can make this cool dude nervous….Rains! Though chances are, you have your camera guarded against this eventuality too.

8. Tree Hugger Adventurer

You love all animals and have special fondness for dogs, cats, birds, grasshoppers, slugs and snails! You will stop to pet a sheep dog, you will halt your trek to gently lift a slug on a leaf so that it is out of harm’s way, you will be teary eyed seeing a fallen tree and so on. Your backpack has several packets of glucose biscuits that you love giving to your canine friends on the way. The group gets a great sleep on campsite, knowing they are well guarded by your ‘biscuit fed’ canine friends.

  1. The Chilled out Adventurer

You are a great team player, game for any plans that the team may have. You are laid back and at home in any environment. You are patient, calm and never appear to be in a hurry for anything. You enjoy the journey rather than stress about the destination. With you around, a party is simmering and waiting to happen! You are the lifeline of any group and your presence makes any adventure memorable.


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