… can’t wait to get there. I have done some crazy stuff before. From cross country drives, to body surfing rapids, to high altitude trekking, to jumping off cliffs. But, this one really does take the cake.

In all these trips, I’ve pretty much questioned the very basic questions of life “WTF am I doing”. But then again, in retrospect, each of these trips have been nothing short of astounding. From the sheer adrenalin rush to the amazing sights and sounds of everything around (and some reasonably good pictures), it has been a great journey.

This trip is just the logical extension to everything I’ve done so far. We’re cycling from Shimla to Khardung-la, a distance of about 700kms in a period of 7 days. Am I fit enough? I don’t know, I will find out very soon. But I have been training, so hopefully it won’t be very bad. Just hoping that the weather holds, and nothing happens to the team.