This time around, the GoMissing gang is heading to the Tons river for a weekend of incredible fun, laughter, rafting and giving ourselves a break from the city life. Joining us is a motley crew of professionals, entrepreneurs, special educators and HR professionals. trip details:

About the Tons river

Tons river – The Tons river is a perennial glacial river and is the largest tributary of the Yamuna and carried more water than the Yamuna river. The source of the Tons is the 6,300 meters high Bandarpunch mountain. The river flows roughly along the border of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh and the Tons valley lies in the Jaunsar Bawar region of Garhwal.

Running the Tons – The Tons river was first run in 1980, when the entire stretch of the river was run by Jack Morison. Since then a number of commercial expeditions have been run on this low volume grade 4 river. Unlike the Ganges, where there is a long calm stretch of water after a rapid, some sections of the Tons have non-stop rapids and feel like a roller coaster ride.

The plan – Overnight train to Dehradoon, get into the waiting vehicles for a 6-7 hours drive to our Tons campsite and have a great weekend.

We’re planning to go Rafting on the grade 4 Tons river for two rafting runs and have some barbecues around the bonfire in the company of a million stars and in the symphony of the Tons river where we’re camping. We’re also going to explore the gorgeous pine forests around the Tons river and head for some hikes. There are numerous little streams running in the pine forest in the area, and a lot of these streams form small natural pools in the forest. We’re obviously going to jump right in and splash around in these pools as much as we can.