GoMissing MTB rides from Manali to Leh are rarely complete without some laugh out loud photo opportunities with the Himank road signs and milestones. Himank, a project of the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) in the Ladakh region was started in 1985. Team Himank battles tough terrain and extreme climatic conditions to give us roads like the world’s highest motorable roads across the Khardung La, Tanglang La and Chang La passes.

The road signs by Himank provide much needed respite to our riders and travelers. Sometime profound and deep, sometime ridiculously funny, all these signs have one thing common-a zest for life!

GoMissing shouts out a Big Thank You to BRO personnel for their amazing work on the road and off road too! Here are some of our BRO moments.

Our Bikes Know your Feelings!

Himank Road Sign_Be Gentle

Be Gentle on My Curves

Make every moment of your travel count! 

Relax, admire and enjoy the ride

Relax, admire and enjoy the ride

Tum De Dum, Say No to RUM!

Project Himank Road Sign in Ladakh

Our bikes run on Muscle Power, Hic! We promise!

Yo BRO! We got that!

Himank Road Sign, Left is Right, Right is wrong

Left is right, Right is wrong, we got that BRO!

Now That’s the GoMissing Philosophy! How did they know?

Border Road Organisation road signs

GoMissing and BRO think alike

This one’s right up our alley!

Himank, Border Road Organisation

When the going gets tough, its just another GoMissing expedition underway.

Is this profound, philosophical or plain funny? 

Ladakh funny road sign

Now that’s profound!

Iski uski kaun kiski….but remember No Whiskey and No getting tipsy!

Ladakh BRO Road Sign

After Whisky, Driving Risky….remember that!

This one’s really deep and intense!

Ladakh Border Road Signs

Don’t be a Gama in the land of Lama

Smile Please!

Funny Ladakh Border Road Signs

Smile and laugh out loud!


GoMissing trails are super fun, always! Be a part of our fun journey and we promise you many memorable and offbeat experiences.

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