A long road on a barren landscape of red mud, high morning sun filtering through the car window, pleasant ambient temperature inside the car  (air-conditioning, of course!), the dilemma of deciding the next destination and a song playing in the car – Yun hi chala chal rahi – this is the memory that plays out every time I hear this song.  The year was 2009 and I had taken a solo drive from Delhi to Hyderabad in the month of April, crossing the mighty Madhya Pradesh with Udit Narayan, Haiharan and Kailash Kher making me fall in love all over again with travelling.

Yun Hi Chala, from Swades

This song has a permanent place in my playlist and it never fails to remind me of everything beautiful in India – countryside, nature, lovely people and their warm hospitality, and of course the fond memories of the driving experience.

Yun hi chala chal rahi, yun hi chala chal rahi (Keep going like this, Traveler)

Kitni haseen hai yeh duniya (How beautiful is this world)

Bhool saare jhamele, (Forget your worldly troubles)

Dekh phoolon ke mele (See the colors of flowers around you)

Badi rangeen hai yeh duniya (How colorful is this world!)

Madari, from Coke Studio

I recently heard the song Madari from Coke studio and ever since, this song plays in a loop often when I go on a long drive. It is a great sing along song and it energizes me every time I listen to it. The sheer passion, blend of instruments and vocals are all mind blowing. Do listen to it and take it with you on your drive.

Songs from Highway, for Highway

Several songs from the movie Highway are on my playlist. My favorites from the movie – Maahi Ve and Patakha Guddi feature stunning visuals from all over India. I have fond memories of a number of places shot in these songs.. Every time I listen to these songs, I relive my travel experiences and remember the beautiful people I met there. GoMissing trek in Spiti valley, our drive to Rekong Peo in Kinnaur, the verdant valleys of Kashmir, driving through the parched desert of Rajasthan and many more.

Pani da, from Vicky Donor

Another favorite in this quintessential romantic song of a boy serenading a girl playing this beautiful melody on his guitar. Sing this perfect song for your sweetheart while on a long road trip – mild drizzle, beautiful scenery, clean fresh air- now that’s a perfect backdrop for a memorable drive! The song I’m talking about is Pani da rang from the movie Vicky Donor.

Other Favorite Songs on my Driving playlist

Durga – Advaita

Moonlight and other Axxis songs:  Just right high energy dose for times when sugar levels are down!

Protection, Teardrop and other Massive Attack songs: Go with the flow, and relax your senses.

Spirits in the Material World – Sting and Pato Banton, Two Princes – Spin Doctors: Fun and lively!

Big machine – Goo Goo Dolls:  Sing along!

All summer long – Kid Rock: Perfect for instilling nostalgia….Sigh!

Saurabh Kapur - GoMissing Expeditions


These are songs from Saurabh Kapur’s playlist. Saurabh is CEO of GoMissing. A graduate from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, he left his consulting career to follow his dreams and start GoMissing Expeditions, he is always up for the craziest of adventures. Currently he is busy finding some absolutely exquisite cycling trails in the Himalayas.



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