One of the reasons why India is Incredible India is because of the topography of the country. From the low altitude ranges of South and central India to the lush green mountains of North Eastern India to the mighty Himalayas of the North, India has beautiful mountain ranges across the country.

In such a scenario, finding an ideal trekking holiday should not be difficult at all. Here is why you should choose a trekking trip as your next holiday…

1. It makes you super healthy

Easy hikes or moderate to difficult treks, all will go a long way in making you healthy. The fresh mountain air, clean water and the beautiful environs of the mountains will ensure your physical, mental and emotional well being.

2. Trekking is Eco-friendly

Your carbon footprint is going to be minimal and your holiday will be super Eco-friendly. No burning fossil fuels or unsustainable living on your trek. You only burn fat and ensure that you’re doing no harm to the environment.

Just make sure you do not litter during your trek. If you do so on a GoMissing trek, we will make sure you carry every single piece of garbage we find on the trek, back with you.

3. You’ll get to places which you have only imagined

Beautiful place while trekking in the Himalayas

Beautiful place while trekking in the Himalayas

Those awesome places

Those awesome places

Places which will leave you spell bound and astounded. Such is the beauty of the Himalayas and all the Indian mountain ranges. These places are simply not accessible by any other means of transport except muscle power!

4. A major accomplishment

Super achievement

Super achievement

Even a relatively easy hike will give you a sense of achievement. The feeling of sitting on top of a mountain with the landscape opening up in front of you is simply exhilarating. The sore feet, aching muscles and everything will be just so worth it. No other trip will give you that feeling which a trekking holiday will give you.

Trekking, its not easy, but it is worth it

Trekking, its not easy, but it is worth it

5. Food for the soul

Trekking in the Himalayas - peace and serenity

The quieter you become…

Those moments of solitude in the mountains are simply food for the soul. You will feel nourished and energized during a trek. The contemplative moments when you’re sitting by a mountain lake or on a mountain ledge are too beautiful to let go. Which other touristy trip is going to give you that?

6. Away from the crowds

Trekking in India - away from the crowds

Just nature, you and good friends

Most treks in India are away from the maddening crowds. So you’ll find an amazing feeling of space and peace which most other touristy trips can’t give you.

7. Awesome for your children

Trekking with children

Awesome learning experience for children

Image from

They will get to learn about the mountains, about ecosystems, and about hardships. By taking them for treks when they are young, you will also instill in them a sense of adventure and wonder.

8. Spectacular memories

Spectacular sunsets while trekking

Spectacular sunsets

All those pictures from the mountains will make for simply spectacular memories. Remember that sunset, remember those beautiful birds, remember that animal we saw, remember that night of camping under the stars. There were SO MANY STARS. BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF STARS. WOW! Remember how it started raining and we had to take shelter in a cave and when we got wet, and when we reached the camp and had piping hot tea made over a wood fire. Those memories are going to be priceless and will last you a life time. The connection which you make with your family and friends over a trek will be lifelong.

Trekking in the Himalayas - star trails

Star trails – Picture by Anton Jankovoy

9. You’ll be the talk of town

You’ll be the talk of town, at least on your social media networks after you post pictures from your trek. Other holidays are good, but treks are AWESOME 😀

Talk of the town

Talk of the town

10. It makes you feel YOUNG!

Feel young

Hey, if you’ve already got your aches and pains, you better move your behind and head out for a trek, because later, you’re not going to be able to do it! If those aches and pains haven’t yet started, what are you waiting for? GO OUT FOR A TREK NOW! Your lazy comfortable sightseeing tour can wait.

And yes, once you’re back and look back at what you’ve accomplished, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

So then, should we say it is time to head out for a trek? Check out some of our upcoming treks in the Himalayas here:

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