Waiting at an airport, a lot of us have enviously looked at smart executives (dressed sharply, looking fit to the boot, gliding a gleaming bag, without a trace of jet lag) and wondered what makes them look like George Clooney walking the red carpet in the middle of the night? The dapper souls elegantly navigate the crowd and are already seated first class while most of us queue for economy!

Have you ever wondered what sets these jet setters apart? Amazing talent, leadership qualities apart, chances are that their fitness contributes to their growth as much.

We asked some fitness buffs the qualities fit people reflect. Read on what they said and do think about what your fitness level say for you.

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I am willing to go that extra mile.

 Fitness conscious people know they need to mentally and physically push their boundaries. Successful people too believe in the same philosophy. They are willing to deliver a little more to customers, run that extra lap of quality check to ensure that only the best product goes into the market, rise beyond the predictable and mundane to bring forward an innovative thought. A fit person’s aura says that here is a person who will stretch and deliver more.

I am disciplined and committed.

Back Country Skiing GulmargFitness demands discipline and commitment. A fit individual conveys the same in their personality. Corporate alleys place a great premium on qualities like integrity, discipline and unwavering commitment. A committed individual is dependable, trustworthy and credible.

I am goal oriented and have a plan.

Fitness regiArcheryme, workout routines are extremely goal oriented and well planned. In corporate scenario, a well planned and result oriented individual is considered a great asset. Such people appear cool as cucumber even in stressful situations, because they have a plan in place; they have thought of alternate strategies and are best to trouble shoot critical challenges.


I have a positive mindset.

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Fit people are not only healthier, they are happier and more positive too! Everyday corporate life throws up many challenges. They key is having a well balanced, mature outlook to carry yourself and your team through such aberrations. A leading psychiatrist from Harvard Medical School, John Ratey recently shared that “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning…every 10 minute of activity changes your brain.” A fit person has a positive mindset that enables better problem solving abilities.

It’s time you too pumped that fitness muscle and reap benefits in corporate jungle gym!

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