Many memories of growing up in Kanpur and Lucknow are related to the road journeys we took in our trusted Ambassador. The car majestically carried us to towns like Rai Bareily, Allahabad, Fatehpur, Benares for many memorable ‘mundans’, engagements, weddings, housewarming or sometimes, just to drop us to an aunt’s home for summer holidays. This was long ago, when Ganges/ Gomti were still rivers and the sweetest muskmelons grew on their banks. This was long before Maruti made its debut and cooling khus mats atop cars became uncool. This was when all of us (siblings) could change tyres, did not hesitate to give ‘dhakka’ when Amby got into her moods and when we waved hands from car windows to tell people we were turning rather than use indicators.

This is from an era when 200 km was the longest you went in a day by car, ‘travelling for de-stress’ was unheard of; ‘planning’ was about birth control and the ‘travel agenda’ was about stopping at a favourite dhaba for a tall glass of lassi or whatever the region had to offer.

Car journeys expanded our horizons like no other means of travel could. They were great then and even better now!  Here are some reasons why you too should disconnect yourself from the humdrum of city life and take a road trip with your friends and family.

See India up close & personal

Road trip to Ladakh

Road trip to Ladakh

There is no better way to see the real India in its amazing diversity. There is so much to see, experience and savor on roads that crisscross our subcontinent.  Mumbai-Pune Expressway during monsoons is a glorious sight to see, a trip from Gangtok to Nathula pass makes you want to stop and salute the army for serving civilians selflessly and a short drive on the Grand Trunk road puts you in awe of this ambitious project which has been in existence for nearly two millennia!

Flora & Fauna of Indian subcontinent

A tree en route Nag Tibba

A tree en route Nag Tibba

Journey by car is a lesson in botany, geography, zoology and history. On our many road trips, we got introduced to blooming Flame of Forest (Palaash or Tesu) and learnt that Holi colors were made from flowers of this tree, saw loaded Jackfruit trees, picked Mangoes from orchards, played on carpet of ‘Harsingaar’ flowers and took occasional breaks under huge banyan trees to swing on the roots. The road journeys introduced us to sacred groves spread across the nation where a variety of flora endemic to our land thrives and is zealously protected by villagers. On the same roads we saw a herd of Nilgai crossing the road, a porcupine scurrying away from the road, snakes slithering, langurs swinging from their tails.

It’s an amazing world out there, go discover!

Regional Cuisines, Local Flavours

Stopping at a shack in Goa for Butter Garlic Fish

Stopping at a shack in Goa for Butter Garlic Fish

A road trip is also full of food adventure. Dusty highways introduced us to Bal mithai of Nainital, Sohan Halwa of Hathras, Petha of Agra, Shrewsbury biscuits of Pune, Udipi style food at any Kamat restaurant in Karnataka, Momo and Thukpa somewhere is Sikkim, Khambir with butter tea in Ladakh, Kadhi/rajma with tandoori roti in Punjab and so on. While the trips ended, the flavours still linger on!

Go on a food trail by road and be assured that you will come back with some great memories!

Exquisite Handicraft & Priceless Art

Master craftsman at work in Mysore

Master craftsman at work in Mysore

Close to Aurangabad is Paithan-home to traditional Paithani silk saris, near Delhi is Khurja, a town famous for its blue pottery, away from touristy circuit in Leh is a quaint shop that has exquisite Thangkas, in between Mysore and Bangalore is a small provincial town of Channapatna famous for its wooden toys and lacquerware, stop by at Moradabad and pick handblown glass artifacts, an extra 100 km from Allahabad is Bhadohi, where you can get the most beautiful and intricate Persian carpets….every few hundred miles in India is an amazing treasure of art and craft to be discovered.

Discover these treasures, one road journey at a time!

Appreciate Rahman & revel in company of your loved ones

Songs of AR Rahman are best appreciated when you have wind in your face and loved ones close to you…which happens when you are on that ‘Long Drive’, right? Sing on top of your voice ‘Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera’ from Swades, soak in ‘Phir Se Ud Chala’ from Rockstar as you wind through mountain roads, listen to ‘Bombay Theme’ towards dusk, sway to ‘Patakha Guddi’ as you traverse ‘sarson ke khet’…..ummmm there’s a little bit of heaven in that!

What’s your reason to take the road?

Listen to this rendition of ‘Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera’ as you list your reasons…


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