The purple sunbird dances, dressed in shades of black, then the sun spots her, turning her into a mesmerizing purple, ” writes Sreelekha Premjit, in her poem dedicated to the winged creature.

True to the words above, this little bird, just about 10 cms in length, is a mesmerizing sight. It is commonly found “tweeting” and fluttering around among nectar producing flowers. The picture here is of the female purple sunbird which ironically is olive brown. The species gets its common name because of the color of the male which is distinctly purple-black and glistens in the sunlight.

I asked the photographer about his experience while shooting the bird.”So, clicking a Sunbird can be quite entertaining,” says Saurabh Kapur, CEO, GoMissing. “One has to be very patient while tracking as its a very restless bird, tweeting loudly and constantly fluttering from flower to flower. Usually it takes a bunch of ruined shots before you can get that one good shot”

A tip while shooting 🙂  “Patience and then some more.”

This picture has been clicked with a Canon EOS 350D and the 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 IS lens.

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Here are some of the pictures that didn’t quite make the cut!

Purple sunbird

Okay.. hang on ... no wait!!

Purple sunbird

Could have been nice had it been sharp (and about half a step over)

Female purple sunbird

Could have been better (sharper) and would be nice if the eye was visible

Female purple sunbird

Hold still.. no wait... no!