GoMissing Manali-Leh Expedition has reached Leh! We caught up with Saurabh Kapur in Leh and here is what he had to say…..

We are standing akimbo today at a hilltop looking into Leh, transfixed by the beauty of the land. Riding our mountain bikes for 12 days, traversing 545 kms, climbing 5000 ft on our bicycles from Manali to Leh has been exhausting!

We have done it again-this annual ritual of GoMissing with fellow MTB enthusiasts.

Each year, at the start of the journey, we tell ourselves that this time our emotions, when we finally reach Leh, may not be as complex as on our earlier rides. And each time we end up standing at this very spot unable to contain ourselves. Right now our inner orchestra is playing out a mixed tune. There’s happiness, triumph, wonder, amazement as there are emotions of submission, awe, humility and thankfulness.

Thank you all for your wishes, prayers and encouraging words! Thanks for staying with us on our journey.

Thanks to our wonderful Manali-Leh Ground Support and Escort Team for their relentless effort to make our ride comfortable.

As we sign off from here, this is one thing we all would like to say–Juley Leh!

Juley is a magical word that opens hearts and doors in Leh! Say Juley when you want to say hello, thank you, nice to see you, how are you today, bye, so long, you are welcome!

Juley Leh for being kind to us!

Juley , we will come again soon!

Juley, you are beautiful!

Juley, for so many lessons we learn every time we come here!

Here are some pictures from the last lap of the ride. Taken from our phones, they are not the best resolution. We will share better ones soon!

GoMissing Manali Leh Cycling

SRK aka Kushagra at Upshi

Manali Leh Spetember 2015

Manali Leh MTB

A bridge too far

Manali Leh MTB

Nakeela15547 feet

Manali Leh MTB

Running the last lap towards Leh

Manali Leh MTB

Rumtse to Leh, at Upshi

Manali Leh MTB

A big thank you to our ground crew!

Manali Leh MTB

Look at that! We did it!

Manali Leh MTB

Biting Cold

Manali Leh MTB

Going towards Tsokar Lake

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