This 15 November I led a GoMissing trek to Beas Kund-the glacial source of River Beas. Nestled 14,308 ft above the sea level, this lake sits comfortably under the gaze of Ladakhi, Shitidhar and Friendship Peaks. Legend has that ancient sage Rishi Vyas bathed and meditated by this lake and his presence and blessings energized the pool from where River Beas emerged. Flowing for aeons, the river has not only fed the northern lands of Himachal and Punjab, it also changed the course of history for Indian subcontinent. Its surging force in 326 BCE stopped the raging army of Alexander the Great from conquering India.

I was the Chief Experience Officer (yes! GoMissing trips have a CExO to ensure that trek goes as per the plan) on this all girl trip. IT manager Urvi Maniar, anesthetist Tanuja Mallik and I were an odd trio who shared a like spirit (and as we find out on the way, a like mind as-well). Accompanying us on the trip was GoMissing on-ground expert Hemraj, who has over 10 years of experience in the region. The trek found us in the middle of the most beautiful vistas seemingly out of some exotic travel magazine, or  belonging to a fairytale. Adding to the magical trip were surprise snow, campfires, unending conversations and bonds that we forged there. Here’s a photo log of our trip.

Thanks Tanuja, Urvi and Hemraj!

Day 1-setting off with excitement

Beginning trek to beas kund

 glad to begin the beas kund trek

We stopped at a house in a charming hamlet where we were treated to tea. The wooden structures and designs carved on the houses had a unique charm that captivated us. We were surprised to learn that some of the houses here were almost a century old.

wood house on way to solang

Just a bit ahead magnificent sight greeted us.


landscape enroute solang

craggy mountian scape on way to solang nallah

And as we moved on I could not shrug off the idea that we are indeed passing a fairy land!

beautiful pebble scape on beas kund trek

It was quite an experience to look about and find ourselves surrounded by innumerable colors and shades.

While we had strolled through most of the beautiful trail the last pebbly walk added a great charm for it was also slightly tricky to pass over.

We reached our camp site for the night in Solang Nallah by early evening where we were greeted by a light shower. Thankfully the site had been all set up by the time we arrived by our ground team. We sipped hot soup and tea here and then went off to explore the town. We made friends with a shop owner who filled us in on the local customs and concerns.

go missing tents in solangCute local boy in Solang- great company

Day -2: We Move Up Today

The trail went through a well paved road for about 2 ½ hours till the village of Dhundhi. Thereafter we trekked to Bakkar Thach. Enroute Dhundhi, we were again bowled over by the scenic beauty of the place.

It was indeed an expanse that mesmerized us at every step.

green trees and white mountains on way to beas


The multi-coloured trees stood out with their romantic charm. It seemed out of some movie shot around English countryside.

Austen's english scapes near himachal's beas kund

shutterbugs on way to beas kund

On the steeper climbs on way to Dhundhi.

steep slope on way to bakkar thach

taking a break on the beas trek

Once at Dhundi we were thrilled to come across snow fields and the surrounding of our camsite left us speechless.

Day 3

A brilliant sun greeted us glinting crystals of snow from surrounding trees. We saw the most brilliant shades of nature yet again!

The Beas river which we crossed several times to reach the Kund ran clear and chilly. Crossing it barefoot had a rejuvenating and purifying feel. We caught a close view of the seven sisters peaks, glorious and half clad in snow before the onset of extreme winters, when the whole area would be transformed into Ski ground.

beas river

seven sisters peak

Our expert mountaineer Hemraj took the lead and showed us the way on each step as well as shared stories of his encounters of nature’s extreme scapes.

beak trek rest

measurin the land before setting for beas

We followed the snow tracks, spirited and geared for the journey. The heights and distance were a little daunting for us, but we surprised ourselves by navigating those challenges and coming out triumphant.

trekkers pushing ahead on beas kund trek

up the snow mountain on beas kund trek

Here I should also introduce our other companion. In each place we visited, we found a loyal Himachali hound that kept us company throughout. This one here accompanied us all through the snow and back!

excited trekker

adorable himachai hound in snow

Amidst the magnificence of this nature, we had our moments of solitude to ruminate. 

If there is snow, can a snow fight be far behind? And given the weather, camp fires were inevitable too. 

a bit of snow fun was inevitable

camping amidst snow

Journeying together, basking in the solitude, experiencing the beauty together, sharing stories and thoughts by the campfire each night forged a bond and we most definitely had an awesome time.

happyhigh on the beas trek

by snow mountains enroute to beas kund

bonding on the beask kund trek

You should book your Go Missing trek now for an experience you won’t forget!

Memories for a lifetime ! (1)

Here is what trekker Tanuja has to say about her experience on the trip.

Beas Kund Trek Review

Beas Kund Trek Review

Beas Kund Trek Review

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