Chopta chandrashila Trek

Chopta chandrashila Trek

This is a picture from our recent trek to Chandrashila peak. We arrived at the camping ground, which is some distance ahead of Chopta en-route to Chandrashila peak, after a short trek, and started setting up the camp. Within 2 minutes of setting up the first tent, it starting raining and in a few minutes the rain gave way to hail. By now, the entire group was huddled in one small tent trying to stay dry and away from the hail. The weather was simply incredible. Low clouds covering snow covered peaks in the distance, beautiful meadows with trees scattered all over, green grass which changed into a blanket of white within minutes, and a bunch of travelers inside a tent enjoying the unadulterated sights and sounds of nature… perfection.

This is a picture of GoMissing traveler Gagandeep Singh who was a part of the trekking group. Simple pleasures of life as Gagandeep enjoys the view and experiences on his first trek. While he is blissfully in a world of his own, he unknowingly brings a big smile on the GoMissing team’s faces.

Here is what Gagandeep has to say about the trek and the GoMissing Experience…

“Gomissing”. Fell in love with the name when a friend recommended it to me. Had never done an overnight camping/treking before but was keen to try it. The experience is difficult to put down in words, in short- “it was truly Magical”. The trip was very planned and everything was taken care of. All one needed to do was just be there and be open to adventure and meeting new people. Will never forget the camping site near Chopta and the hail which came down when we had just set-up one tent and all of us sat there for an 1 Hour enjoying the view. There were enough Maggi Moments to double Maggis market share. My favorite though has to be having Hot Chicken curry and rice, in the middle of nowhere at near freezing temperature, next to the bonfire.

Would definitely recommend to first timers and experienced trekkers. You can decide your own pace as the agenda was very flexible and it seemed as if it was my own holiday. Met some very like-minded people and that made the trip complete.

Would love to go-missing with Gomissing again 🙂

A heartwarming moment for us to see a happy smile on our traveler’s face. Simple pleasures of life which make everything worth it.

If you would like to trek with us in the Chopta, Tungnath, Chandrashila area, click the link below!