The Triund trek is probably one of the easiest trek in the Himalayas. During a short 3-4 days trek, you will be able to get spectacular views of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas and get to breathe the amazingly fresh air of the mountains.

Doing it in 3 days from Delhi

The basic trek to Triund is a one day affair. You can start from Mcleodganj early in the morning and reach Triund in a few hours. At Triund, there are a couple of small shops which sell noodles, biscuits, parathas (Indian bread stuffed with potatos) and the like. You can spend a few hours at Triund, soak in the views and trek back to Mcleodganj to reach by evening.

Views at triund

Views at triund – We’re not sure about who the original author is

Add spice – do the trip in 4 days from Delhi

If you want to add some spice to this trek, you can camp at Triund at night and trek to Ilaqua, which is the snow line, the next day. The hike to the snow line is a little more difficult than the hike to Triund, but it is totally worth it. Beyond the snow line at Ilaqa, there is the Lahesh cave which is used by shepherds in the summers as a camping ground when they take their sheep to the high altitude meadows here. It will take you about 2-3 hours to get to Lahesh cave from Triund.

After soaking in the surreal environs around the Lahesh cave, trek back to your campsite at Triund which should take about 2 hours of easy trekking. Next day, trek back to Mcleodganj.

Spectacular views on the trek to Triund

On the trek, you will get to see some stunningly beautiful sights of the Dhauladhar mountains and the Kangra valley. The entire route is lush green and usually there is fog in the area. Trekking through the lush green foggy mountains with cool mountain air running through you is an experience you’re not likely to forget in a long time. The environs of this place are so beautiful that they will make you a great photographer too.

Views at Triund

Views at Triund – Picture by Taylor and Yumi

Trek route to Triund

Trek route to Triund – Picture by Kari Elgn

Trekking to triund - the route from Triund to Gallu

Trekking to triund – the route from Triund to Gallu


Round it up with some delicious food

The trek finishes at Dharamkot which is a short distance above Mcleodganj. Dharamkot has a number of small cafes which serve yummy food. The perfect finish to this trek is a meal at one of these cafes after the walk in the mountains. We simply love having our hot tea and food in a balcony which overlooks the Kangra valley. I’m sure you’ll love it as well.

Cafe at dharamkot - triund trek

Cafe at dharamkot – triund trek


View from the cafe at Dharamkot

View from the cafe at Dharamkot

What it feels like

Foggy mountains, lush green forests, the nip in the wind, camping in the meadows of Triund, the glacier at Ilaqa, the thrill of climbing mountains and the physical workout during the trek. All in all the experience in simply incredible and if you’re reasonably fit and don’t suffer from any ailments, this trek is simply a must do!

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A spirited sojourn - Triund & Lahesh Cave trek